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Rainbow Cloak

Area Info

Dirs: Laenor


General Descrip: Quest area for the Rainbow Cloak.

Difficulty: newbie to lowbie

Area Size:

Last Update: Feb 28, 2010

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive, b = blocks

Big furry spider          *    600   none
Bodor                           ?k   ugly rusy ring.  Bodor awards yellow gardening gloves.
Dark ghost                b     2k   none
Evil ghoulish slave       *     2k   bone broadsword
Fiery hell hound          *    19k   none
Frail old man (Joseph)          ?k   walking stick, plain grey cloth robe
Hairy wolven pit fiend    *     3k   tatty indigo armbands
Huge furry spider queen   *    22k   swirling black potion (poison remove)
Lakamaar, lizard lord          29k   pair of dashing orange silk trousers
Lizard warrior            *    800   iron shortsword
Mischevious leprechaun          2k   none
Muscular lizard gladiator *    26k   hammer of might, turban, charred black key
Slime worm                     700   none
Small slime worm               300   none
Wild red-eyed wolf        *     3k   none
Zortin                         20k   bloodstained red vest, Sword of Zortin

Area Map:

        (foliage)         |               (beam)
                          O           O-O
                          =          /
                        O-O-O   O-O-O-O-O=O
                        | | |   |    \
                    O-=-O-O-O=O-O-O   O
                    :   | | |   |     |
                    :   O-O-O   O     O
                    :     =
                    :     O
                   u/d    |
                    :     O (search crack)         
             entrance     |
                        | | |
                        | | |
                          O  (enter coffin, pull lever)


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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