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Ancient Tower

Area Info

Dirs: Desolathya, nw from ferry and hamlet of Windham.


General Descrip: Ruins of the Tower of Traplecktor are here, as well as the main Temple of Rasha.

Difficulty: midbie

Area Size: 28+

Last Update: November 2009

Monsie Info:

v = casts blast vacuum

Ancient skeletal minion     10k   misc   
Eerie skeletal minion        3k   
Evil crypt fiend             ?k   Black fiendish belt
Groundskeeper               500   none
High priest of Rasha    v   13k   iron breastplate, steel mace
JuJu zombie                 13k  
Junior priest of Rasha     3-5k   holy symbol of Rasha
Kech Lektar                       death amulet, necro staff

Area Map:

       (temple)--O--(orchard maze)--(graveyard) 

              O-O  <-- search drawer 2, search drawer 3. 
     entrance-O-O-O <-- worship rasha (must be good aligned)




  * To get into the crypt, 'get ring' in the room with the large oak tree.
  This will pull you into the grave, a no-wimpy room with a pit fiend.  
  Party can follow by going down into the new room.  
    'I once saw a young man throw a potion into the well in the temple of Rasha, don't ask me why though.'
    'Rumour has it that a powerful necromancer lives in the graveyard.'
    'They say there is a well in the temple of Rasha that will transform an object into something else.'
    'The temple of Rasha contains a magical well.  I have been told that it can transform items thrown into it.  But only once have I witnessed it.  A young elf once threw a vial of some kind into the well.'  
    'Many years ago there was a terrible fight and the tower of Tralpecktor was destroyed.  No one knows what happened.'   
    'I have heard it said that eating zombie flesh will make you sick, but it will make the undead more friendly.'    
    'Beware of the living dead in the gardens.' 


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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