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Area Info

Dirs: 1 west, 1 south of Central Square in Bat City.


General Descrip: Fun area in Bat City. Warning sign at entrance says:
For all those who dare enter the catacombs: BE WARNED A monster with the same name may be an easy kill, then the very next one may kill you. Your skill in consider is an unequalled plus herein. Detect alignment would also be well learned as a spell, for like the beasts power, so to there temperment. This is a mid level area, suggested for party members of 30 to 40lvl or higher if you manage to make it to the lower levels. There are 6 levels in all, each one tougher then the last. Rewards are plenty for those brave (or foolish) enough to adventure herein.

Difficulty: Good for partied lowbies to midbies.

Area Size:

Last Update: 6-3-99

Monsie Info:

Animal handler                ?
Balthas		         20-25k
Bedbug          	 10-30k
Brownies           	    <1k
Fairies       		    <1k
Fire Giant      	 15-30k
Fister        	         60-80k
Green Dragon   	        80-100k	
Jabberwocky    	         15-20k
Knights        		   1-2k
Maximus        	  	 10-30k 	
Mummy           	 60-80k
Necromancer     	 25-40k
Paladins             	     1k
Reaver Guard     	  5-10k
Reddist           	   300k?  Reddists Dragonscale boots
Servants         	    <1k
Slaves              	    <1k
Stingray        	80-100k
Top animal handler	      ?
Unicorn                       ?

Area Map:

Map by Battler.

				O	(Entrance Reddist)
 			       U/D	(Level 1)	
			       U/D 	(Level 2, a torch)
 			       U/D      (Level 3, see below)


Level 3 Main Level

	"1st" floor:           down from there:
       ;                 ? o-o   ?
       u o               : |  \ /
       | |               o o   o  <-- (aggro, blocking) necromancer 
       o-o--o ?           \|    \
         |  | :            u     ?
    o-o--o  o o            |  
    | |  |    |            o
    o-o-u/d-o-o-o          |   
      |  |  | |            o-o
      o--o  o o              |
      |  |                   o:?
         | |


?=unknown (we're getting this a lot)


Another version of the Reavers map, by Yasha.

                               U O
                               | |
                                 | |
                             O-O-O O O
                             | | |   |
                               | | | |
                               O O O O
                               | |
                   O-O  <--- U-O-O-O
                   |             | |
                   O             O-O


 - peer does not work at all in the area

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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