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[Dark Castle]
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[D'hregal Mines]
[Door to the Past]
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Area Info

Dirs from S-Cross: Northern Laenor

Coder: Seance

General Descrip: Home of the Lords of the Revelstone, keepers of the Land.


Area Size:

Last Update: December 2009

Monsie Info:

a = areads, * = aggressive, x = banishes

Big fat bully                 11k   none
Big fat pig                    3k
Citizen                        3k
Cook                           4k   none
Crowl                         20k   none
Dishwasher                     3k   none
Doar                          20k
Finest guards                 10k   none
First Haft Amorine        x   13k   
First Mark Morin              37k
Haft of Eoward                18k   none
Librarian                     11k   none
Lord Amatin               b   14k   vase, statue, painting, krill (1 room north)
Lord Elena                a   13k
Lord Loerya                   10k
Lord Mhoram                   21k
Lord Shetra                   17k  
Lord Veremont                 15k
Moony-eyed girl                6k   none
Most disgusting eater          3k
Teenage poet                   8k   none
Terrel                        18k
Tour guide                     9k
Warhaft of the Eoward         19k   none
Warmark of Eoward             18k  
Warmark Quaan                 20k   
Warrior patrolling           2-3k   none
Warrior standing sentry     5-10k   random longsword
Zellsquish                x   38k

Area Map:

                   | ?
                   | |
             O-O-O O-O <-- aggr lord
                 | | 
             O O U-O
             | | | |

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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