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Area Info


In a cove in the mountains, just northeast of the summer healer guild.
Northeast also of the cornfields, southeast of the halls of the dead.

Coder: Souc, opened December 1, 1999

General Descrip:

Souc says, "Rudraprayag is my very first project as wiz in batmud, I first started with it in spring 1997. There is pretty much hidden stuff in this area so it pays of to read the descs. I also hope that the descs are quite interesting to read. I changed the level of the quest that goes with the area from 24 to 42. The credit for this area should go to Jim Corbett, since without him I'd never done it."

Difficulty: Midbie parties

Area Size: 70+ rooms

Last Update: May 5, 2006

Monsie Info:

Black bird                               3k                    
Blue bird                                2k                   
Brown and black goat                     1k                    
Chitra, the bridgekeeper's wife         11k                          
Fetus crawling                           10                           
Focused pilgrim                          3k                   
Jim Corbett                              ?k   Evil looking dagger
Kyastha, is worried                      1k                
Large Indian snake                      33k                   
Man-eating leopard
Mohan, the bridgekeeper                 24k                           
Molumpur, the trusted pedlar            42k                 
Muntjak                                 15k                  
Murali, the sick mother                  30                      
Nataraja, is worried sick                5k                        
Osho, waiting for his turn              19k                    
Parthasara, the one-armed woman          8k                      
Parthasara's baby                        1k                      
Pavel, the farmer                        9k   machete                     
Ravi, the farmer                        22k   hunting spear                    
Sadhu, a holy man                       98k   mysterious object, grey robes, Sadhu's staff
Short pilgrim                            4k
Small blue bird                          1k                   
Small muntjak                            8k                 
Tilak, the farmer                        9k   hunting spear
Umrigar, smoking a pipe                 30k                  
Warthog catching its breath            110k                              

Area Map:

     O       entrance
      \     /
           O       O-O
           |       |
           O   O-O-O
            \ /  | |
             O   O-O
       O   O
       :    \
       O=O   O=O
        / \: |
       O   O-O=O-O
           O   O
          / \  |
     O-O=O   O-O
     | |    \
     O-O     O 

Note:  You can climb ladder just before the bridge.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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