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Sarku's Temple

Area Info


Coder: Originally by Sarku, updated by Alaron

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie to partied low

Area Size:

Last Update: January, 2010

Monsie Info:

* = agressive, h = hp drains, s = casts scars, 
c = cast stat curses, l = leeches exp
D = dests eq

Captain of Temple guard        10k   skull helm
Flying Vroodla (undead)    *    4k   none
Gigantic worm (undead)     l   14k   copper sword
Guardian Mrur (undead)     *    5k   none
High priest of Sarku      hs   40k   copper amulet
Junior priest of Sarku          3k   none
Master sorcerer            D   44k   copper breastplate
Mean drill instructor           2k   none
Newly inducted initiate        200   none 
Newly promoted corporal        150   none
Pale temple guard               1k   none
Priest of Sarku                 5k   none
Prisoner Harshan               500   none
Sobbing mourner                 1k   none  
Temple guard                   250   none
Vridekka hiTlelsu              43k   copper dagger
Worshipper of sarku             50

Area Map:

             O O D-O-O
             | |     |
           Entrance Hall

Inner Sanctum (lower level)

              :  \
              D   U
          worm lair

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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