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Secret Jungle

Area Info

Dirs: Take tree at 4s from scross


General Descrip: Nice little newbie area, set in a jungle. Village within the jungle has small savages (<1k exp) as well as some slightly larger monsies. There are a few fun newbie eq items here.

Difficulty: Newbie solo and newbie party area

Area Size: 35+ rooms, excluding tower

Last Update: June 19, 2002

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive
g = casts golden arrow

Carnivorous plant    *    1k   none
Chief of savages          3k   savage maul, red bamboo shield
Chief's wife              1k   savage maul
Earth elemental      g   19k   badass for a newbie monster
Fire elemental            7k   none
Large constrictor snake  400   none
Lava elemental           10k   none 
Savage child              60   none
Savage man               700   savage maul
Savage woman             300   yellow banana
Shaman's apprentice       2k   nice little honeypuppel  (+cha)
Shaman of savages         5k   bone necklace (-str, +cha)
Slimy lizard             100   none
Wild boar                400   none

Area Map:

Savage village:

           | c O
           | | |
           | * O               * = elemental
           | | |               c = cave
           |   |
           O O-O-O

Cave:  (partial, excluding tower)

           |         |
           *         O-tower
       O-O-O-O         * = "kill stream" to attack lava elemental
       |   |           x = "kill flames" to attack fire elemental
       |   O


  someone please send me info on how to enter the tower

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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