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Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium, in eastern island arc.

Coder: ++Superelak

General Descrip:


Area Size:

Last Update: January 2010

Monsie Info:

p = poisons    b = banishes
Alandia                b    600   tinning kit, gem (randomness)
Chunky pearl mussel    
Jellyfish              p    41k   none
Large seahorse              30k   none
Limas Tondh
Mackerel                   2-4k   none
Moray                       60k   none          
Perch                      3-6k   none
Small seahorse              10k   none
Spirit of soldier           40k   steel sabre
Spirit of watchman     *     ?k   steel breastplate, steel sabre

Area Map:


                O---O---O     ? O
               /|       |     :/|\
              O O---U---D     O | O
                |       |     |\|
                O---O---O-O-O-O O
                   enter crack 

 Downstairs:   (Third Deck)
               O       O         
               |       |                   
               O---O---U     O
               I       |     |
               O       O-O-O-D


                   D^          ^ = > turn wheel, You hear a rumbling noise in the distance.
                 K-O           K = search boxes (cabin key)



  Here, at the very bottom of the ocean, the wreck of a ship sunken in the days
  when the world was still young suddenly lay before you. Its rear is partially
  sunken into the mud and amidships are the broken remains of the mast that once
  carried the flag of the Singh clan high above the deck. The Singh clan were
  known and feared pirates in the first centuries of the world, and this ship
  seems to be the only thing left to remind you of their former glory. The ship,
  however, looks surprisingly intact considering the amount of time it has spent
  dwelling on the bottom of the ocean. There is a crack on the side of the ship
  where some boards seem to be missing, perhaps you could enter the ship through
  enter crack
  You cannot breathe and wish you could make it to the surface!


  You ask Alandia about ship.
  Alandia says 'My father told me it's very dangerous in there. I wouldn't enter it  
  without any protection, especially not if I was a landlubber like you. '          

  You ask Alandia about protection.
  Alandia says 'Well, I guess you need this more than I do. After all, I've 
  never had  any use of it anyway, I just think it's beautiful.  '
  > exa whistle
This beautiful instrument is a slender piece, crafted from one single piece of
pearl. It is rather long for a normal whistle, it actually looks more like a
small flute without holes. You cannot exactly point out what this whistle is
good for, but it gives you some sense of security.
This item is in excellent condition.
It looks very light weight.
> blow whistle
You blow the whistle, but nothing happens.

> enter crack
You cannot breathe and wish you could make it to the surface!

> blow whistle
You blow the whistle and a magical bubble appears, forcing the water to flood away.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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