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Area Info

Dirs from CS: Follow the Bat area map.

Coder: Amarth

General Descrip:

Difficulty: Newbie to High

Area Size:

Last Update: January 30, 2005

Monsie Info:

Aupro, the gateguard          ?k   none
Knight-soldier of Skeep       ?k  
Grandmaster Torturer          1M   Torsomaker Sword, Stainless Steel Tuxedo
Myahat, the gateguard         ?k   none
Priest of Faerwon             ?k
Shayedem mage                 ?k   none
Young maiden                 884

Area Map:

                                             +    +
                  The map of Shadowkeep      |Nrth|
                    1995 / 2000 edition      +gate+
                                             |    |
          ,----+----+----+----+----+----+----'    `----+     The stronghold
          |         s l a u g h t e r            Sewers|        in the
          +    ,-----------------------------.    ,----+    eastern frontier.
          |    | Prison Complex              |Fnt |
+----+----'    `-----------------------------'    `----+   C    City of
 W.gate             g a r r i s o n                    | K A honor, justice
+----+----.    ,---------.    ,---------.             -- E S      and
          | r  | Shayedem| h  | Genstore| M a r k e t    E T unknown perils.
          + a  |         | o  |         |  p l a c e  -- P L
          | n  | Imposing| n  |Tow Magic|     Wll      |   E   Amarth
          + s  |  Conserv| o  |         |              +        Shadowstring
          | o  |Eqs      | r  | Armourer|              |
          + m  `---------'    `---------'              `----+----+
          |         c a n t i c l e                              |
          +    ,--------------.    ,------------------------. h  +
          |    |Clb           |    | Bank Pub       Wpnsmth | u  |
          +    |              |    |                        | m  +
          |    |         Rent |    | Great Library    Temple| b  |
          +    `--------------'    `------------------------' l  +
          |         t a l e   t e l l e r s'                  e  |
          +----+----+----+----+----+----+----.    ,----+----+----+
                                             | Dck|

Bard's Amphitheatre, back stage:
Mapped by Yasha.

                             U-O O
                             |  /
                         O O-O-O-O
                          \  |/
                          /| |
                         O O O

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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