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Area Info

Dirs from CS: Take the tree 1 e from N-Cross. Costs 500 gp.


General Descrip: Town inhabited by undeads, set in a deep dark valley far to the east of Bat City.


Area Size:

Last Update: May 26, 2002

Monsie Info:

*=aggressive, b=blocking, a=areas

Gargoyle                21k   whip
Gypsy                  50k+   black ring
Mad Scientist          ~80k   green glove
Man                 b 5-10k   none
Mummy (undead)          15k   none
Nosferatu (undead)       6k   bar
Ogre                b   40k   none
Snake                    9k   none
Soy                 *  127k   scroll, purple glove
Spider              b  3-7k   none
Unseelie Faerie         17k   none

Area Map:

			             |          F=poisonous fountain
				    /   /
			       O-O-O F-O   O
 			       | | |    \ /|
			   O-O-O O O O-O-O O
			  /    |   | |    / \
			 O     O-O-O O-O O   O
   			/           \  |     |
	      outerworld             O-O-O   O
		                     |       |\
				     O	     O pit

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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