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Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium

Coder: Zith

General Descrip:


Area Size:

Last Update: February 2010

Monsie Info:

Guard fighting for Stagira    10k   iron breastplate, steel weapon
Guard leaning on lance         3k   rusty lance
Large winged creature      *  14k
Male citizen                   5k   none
Medium winged creature     *  11k
Small winged creature      *   2k   beautiful tail of a bird
Wandering mummy of bird    *   2k   

Area Map:


                                |     |   |   |  O O   |
                                |     |   |   O  | |   |
                                |     |   |      O-U   |
                                |     |   |        |   |
                                O  O  O-O-O-O-O    O   |
                                |  |  |       |    |   |     O
                                O--O--O--O-O--O----O-O-O     |
                                | O O |       |      |       O
                                | | | |       |      |       |
                                O O-O-O     O-O-O    O-------O-O-?
                                | |   |       |      |       |
                                | O   |       |      |   O-O-O-O-O
                                O--O--O---O---O--O---O       |

	NOTE: Lots of Undead Birds

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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