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Area Info

Dirs: Follow road southeast from Ravensflyte, or north from X. It's at the northwest corner of a section of forest surrounded by swamp.

Coder: Malitrius, 2000

General Descrip:
Something strange has happened around the stonehenge.
All the druids are gone and a shadow has fallen upon the
valley where its located, near the Volcano. Remove the
curse and you'll be awarded the quest. Groa might be
one good source for information, along with some others

Malitrius says: "The Stonehenge area was coded 2000 during just a few intense coding days. Can't say that I've stolen the plot from everywhere, except that the Stonehenge exists. Guess that the Stonehenge was somewhere in the back of my mind since I had been backpacking in England that summer and had intention to visit the Stonehenge, but I never did. My first idea was that Gotrek would code it if I would sponsor him, I had a nice plan for it and it would have been a good project for him! But Souc sponsored him and made him code some birds for him. Gotrek didn't stay immortal very long ... The Stonehenge is level quest 61."

Difficulty: The herb shop is very safe to visit, and the area quest is suitable for lvl 50+ party.

Area Size: ~20 rooms of explore.

Last Update: April 21, 2006

Monsie Info:

Merelix                         An angelic blade named Angatyre 
Agaddon         *
the roc         *
Black dread           ~700k?
lizardmen       *
alligators      *
will-o-wisp     * cause people to follow them, breaking party formation
Grendel         * 

Area Map:

Map by Yasha.

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           | | |
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           | O

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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