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Area Info

Dirs from CS: At river crossing ne from crimson


General Descrip:

Difficulty: Lowbie to partied mid

Area Size:

Last Update: June 2, 2002

Monsie Info:

c = casts cone of cold
i = casts icebolt
* = aggressive
a = casts some area spells

Hamden village, Glendale, Fairbanks, and forest:

Agitator                    9k   strange black cube
Bored Guard (Fairbanks)   2-5k   none
Coffin maker                5k   plain wooden coffin   
Dock worker                 4k   none
Highlander warrior           k   claymore
H. Ross PeRat               4k   none
Jack the bartender          4k   none
John Wrisly                30k   none 
Lumberjack                  3k   lumberjack's axe
Member of cannon fodder    <1k   none
Merchant ship captain      10k   none
Monk of St. Sebastien     5-8k   none
Mrs. Walton                 1k   none
Old wise man                ?k   none  
Potato farmer             2-3k   none
Rabbit                     700   none
Travelers                 1-2k   none
Traveling merchant          6k   potion
Troll                      10k   none
Villager                   200   none
Wandering adventurer        4k   none

Castle Sunderland:

Bureaucrats               4-7k   none
Earth elemental         a  60k   Dirty Leggings
Minister of Exchequer      16k   barrister's wig
Minister of roads                barrister's wig
Stone Guardian          i   8k   none

Demented doctor             8k   none
Doctor of dentistry        12k   none
Melanie                     4k   none
Ulmat-Sumtra            c  60k   Amulet of Wendigo Warrior
Vicious killer penguin     19k   

Area Map:


                                        O  Fairbanks
                                          O                          U
                                          |                          |
                                        O-O-harbor                   O
                                       /  |                          |
                              ocean   O sewer........................O
                                |    /
                                O   O
                                |  /
                              O O O
                            D:O-O-O   Glendale
 monastery O       castle     O
         | |\         |      /
         H-O-O   O----O-O-O-O
         | | |  /     |     |
 Hamden  O-O-O-O-O-O  O     O-O-O  forest
         | | | |\     |     | | |
         O-O-O O O    O     O-O-O     
          \|/         |     | | |
           O      entrance  O-O-O


Castle, First Level:

    U      O  O             Earth elemental
     \     |  |            /
      O    O  O  O  O  O  O
      |    |  |  |  |  |  |
      |    |  |  |        |
      O-O  O  O  O        O
      |    |  |  |        |
      U    O  O  |      O-O
     /           |         \
    U         entrance      U                         
Castle, Second Level:


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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