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Area Info

Dirs: From sc, 51 w, 2s.

Coder: Nwing

General Descrip: A small newbie area. Home of the Area Quest 'Necromancer's dream.' Not recommended for soloing newbie under level 50.

Difficulty: Newbie

Area Size: ~26 rooms

Last Update: July 20, 2005

Monsie Info:

Beast of wilderness    42k   slave collar
Bright green frog      500
Bright green frog       3k   frog skin                              |
Gray bat                1k   bat shit
Guardian beast         13k   demon heart
Necromancer             2k   
Rotted humanoid corpse  5k   

Area Map:

Maps by Tarken.
Swamp		Inside Center               Hole

o-o-o               o-o-o                      o
|   |                 |                   exit hole
o   o               o-o   o
| | |                 |   |
o-o-o                 o-o-o
|x|x|                 |   \hole
o-o-o               o-o-o
  |                   |


 In the room between two locked doors, 'worship'.
 In the eastern locked room, get interesting jar

 Today is the 23. day of the 8. month (Gettrellyn) of year 571
 I have managed to create something but it is not anything I like.
 So the: frog's skin, bat's shit and demon's heart are not enough.
 I need more powerful ingredients so I hired servant to get me ones.'

 Today is the 5. day of the 5. month (Karmina) of year 572'
 I hide the key to storage room so that only the ones that worship me'
 found it. It is hard to get living servants so I consider to create'
 more loyal than those miserable humans who would been killed anyway''

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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