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Taiga (aka Tundra)

Area Info

Dirs: Let's see, where would tundra be?


General Descrip: A frozen tundra landscape populated by the expected critters.

Difficulty: lowbie to mid

Area Size: ~100 rooms

Last Update: November, 2009

Monsie Info:

Adult tarpan               4k
Aged Norrfolk hunter      18k   stone long spear, iron dagger
Agile Norrfolk herdsman   13k   chromium maul, fur skirt
Cute lemming               1k
Cute snow hare             1k
Deceitful looking trader  12k
Fat reindeer               3k   
Full-grown tarpan          4k
Furry lemming              1k
Giant deer calf            3k
Giant deer hind            2k   beautiful pair of giant deer antlers 
Giant deer stag           10k   beautiful pair of giant deer antlers
Giant hind deer stag       2k
Giant sabretooth tiger     ?k
Gray reindeer hind         3k
Gray reindeer stag        12k
Hiding ptarmigan           1k
Huge male cave bear       40k
Intoxicated Norrfolk      10k
Large woolly rhino        16k   bloody woolly rhinoceros horn  
Mean looking squirrel      2k   
Mean sabretooth tiger  *        aggressive and tracks
Nasty wolverine            7k
Norrfolk child             2k
Norrfolk woman             4k
Old hag, Riitu             ?k  
Old muskox                19k
Ptarmigan                  5k
Reindeer calf             500
Reindeer hind              3k
Reindeer stag             10k
Sabretooth cat            16k
Scary reindeer             3k
Skinny reindeer calf       2k
Skinny squirrel            1k
Small lemming              3k
Smiling Norrfolk child     2k
Slender reindeer calf      1k
Sly arctic fox             6k
Snow hare                  1k
Strong Norrfolk man       13k
Tarpan colt               500
Tarpan filly               1k
Timid snow hare           500
Wandering lynx             6k
White snow hare            3k
Wolverine w/ragged ear     3k
Wiry sabretooth cat       12k   pair of white canines
Young brown wolverine      7k  
Young Norrfolk hunter      9k   iron long spear

Area Map:

           mammoths   O-O-O-O
                     /| |X|\|\
                  O-O-O O-O-O-O
                  | |/| | |\| |
                O O-O-O @-@-O-O          @ = additional exits      
                |\ \|X| | | | |
                O-O O-O O-O-O-O
               /| |    /| | | |\
            O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O* sabretooth
            |X|X| |      \|X| | |                 
            O-O-O-O O-O-O O-O-O-O
              | |/| | | | |X| | |
              O-O-O O-O-O O-O-O-O
              | |/  | | |   | | |\
              O-O O-O-O-O-O O-O-O-O
                  |     | | |/
          deer  O-O O-O O-O-O
                | | | |   |/  lynx
                O-O O-O-O-O
                    | |/           
          tarpan  O-O-O            

Riitu exclaims 'Sometimes Riitu has lotsss fun by surfing with the ice floe!' 
Riitu exclaims 'The river bringsss the floesss near the ssshore and Riitu jumps on them for a ride!' 

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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