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Area Info

Dirs: Located in the southwestern part of the map

Coder: Entropy, March of 1998

General Descrip: A beautiful land named Tarakia, filled with rolling hills and peaceful living, has recently come into some trouble. This kingdom was named after a great defender from the past who once protected the kingdom when it was being settled. The Tarakia is located in a valley nestled between two barbaric civilizations on either side of them. To the West, past the western mountains, lies a great desert occupied by a somewhat cultish thrikhren group. To the East of their valley rests a large swamp occupied by a war mongering clan of lizard men. Both these nations have had their eyes on Tarakia's fertile land for a long time but have always been defeated by the kingdom's well-organized army as well as its strategic land placement. The peace of this kingdom recently changed as soon as a mysterious and beautiful woman entered the peaceful land of Tarakia. Her beauty was mesmerizing as she quickly caught the eye of the present ruler of the land named King Edmund. Once wedded, the king suddenly became insane and the kingdom's army, now without their leader, slowly started to lose moral. That's when, on a dark summer night, a lizard man and thrikhren army rushed into the valley from both directions and attacked the king's castle. The king's army was shocked by the two groups working together as one army which was unheard of and was defeated after gallantly fighting for overseven days straight. Although the Tyranicus the Lizard King was captured the valley, his victory was not complete because he did not capture King Edmund. King Edmund apparently was hurried out of the castle at the last second by one of his last king's guardsman. Now Tarakia is under martial law as the lizard mendecide which way to pillage the kingdom as well as search for King Edmund. Mysteriously the thrikhren soldiers disappeared shortly after the initial battle was completed and foul play is expected. The only hope for saving the kind people of Tarakia from this lizardman scourge is for our adventurers to learn what they can in town as well as reach the king before the lizard men do. With the information they learn from the king, as well as living through a few battles, they just might be able to reach Tyranicus and rid his evil presence from this wonderful land.

Difficulty: Suitable for HIGH level parties.

Area Size:

Last Update: March 19, 2006

Monsie Info:

b = blocking

Shinzhe Longtail       b   ?k
Steeg Stonescale       b   ?k 

Area Map:


#  Room with Shinzhe and Steeg, blocking traffic along the main road.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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