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Tiburcio's Tower

Area Info


Coder: Recoded by Cyberman.

General Descrip: If you are inexperienced you might like to try the catacombs below.


Area Size:

Last Update: April 21, 2006

Monsie Info:

Guard patrols castle                6k  misc eq
Iron golem
Stone golem
Tino, the skeleton butler             


Karl the deranged            8k   fighting knife
Large wild goblin            3k   misc
Small wild goblin            1k   misc
Weak wild goblin            600   misc
Wild goblin                  4k   misc

Area Map:

 Maps by Yasha.

                              U    ----------->      D
                              |                      |
                            O-O-O                  O-O-O
                              |                      |
                            O-O-stairs             O-O-O
                              |                      |
                           entrance                  U

    Catacombs (from stairs)                          |
          O-O-O O-O                                  V
          |   | | |
          O O-O-O O                                  D
          | |                                        |
          O-O-O O O                                O-O-O
            |   | |                                  |
          O-O-O-O-O                                O-O-O
          | | | | |
          O O-E-O O

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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