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Trog Village

Area Info

Dirs: Lucentium, on small island west of the mainland. Unmarked area (no scenic loc).

Coder: Malitrius

General Descrip:

        sss          Loc:    Swamplands in western Lucentium
     sssssrrrr       Exits:  north, south, east, west, northwest, southeast, 
   lllrrrrrrFFFF             southwest, northeast
  llllsssssssFhhF    The swamps look gloomy even during the spring, when
 llllssss*sssFhhFF   nature is dawning to new life. Dead trees stand in the
  llsssssssssFFhh    watery terrain like some tall, dark skeletons. Plants
  llssssssasFFFFh    decay and there is more death than life about.
   lssssssFFsFFF     Treacherous bogholes and pools of cold black water make
     sssssFsFF       the terrain perilous and very troublesome to
        sss          proceed.You see a little path that leads northeast into
                     the swamp here There's also a sign. The still water
                     here is up to your hips.


Area Size: 14+

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

Black adult trog female        2k
Black adult trog male          1k
Black young trog male         400
Elder trog                    18k
Gray adult trog female         3k
Gray adult trog male           3k
Green adult trog female        1k
Green adult trog male          3k
Green young trog female       200
Green young trog male         200
Purple adult trog female       2k
Purple adult trog male         6k
Purple trog child              1k
Red adult trog male           500
Red troglodyte child          100
Red young trog female         400

Hidden trogs:

Renegade trog, covered        *    4k  club
Renegade trog, hungry         *    4k  club
Renegade trog, primitive      *    4k  club
Renegade trog, stupid         *    9k  club

Steve the crocodile hunter        17k  misc armour, old tarnished map
Ulla Skog, Steve's crocodile       6k  

Area Map:

                               TROG VILLAGE

                                     O*      search veil
                                    / \
                            entrance   O+


   In room with *, 'search veil' to get to altar room.
   At the +, 'jump across river'.  
        'Search bushes' to continue to room with hidden trogs.
        'jump across river' to try to get back.. failing that, the
        current carries you away to another new room.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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