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Recent Site Updates

December 2009           New areas:
                        Village of Aldor 
                        Major updates to:
                        Mushroom Hill

                        Minor updates to:
                        Newbie Forest

November 2009           Updates to many areas.  Starting process of updating current area locations. 

                        Major updates to:
                        Ant Hill

2007-2008               Web site hiatus -- Dryad took a break from the game, post-conversion.

Spring 2006             Massive update to the site.
                        Areas added:
                        Catfolk Treehouse        Norse Village       
                        Caverns of Chaos         Pier
                        Enchanted Forest         Tarackia
                        Goddess Garden           Trog Village
                        Jondalar                 Tunnel

                        Area updates:
                        Too numerous to list, over 30.

                        Many logs, mostly ancient material.  New interviews.

                        Materials alloying tables were re-posted to the site.

Fall 2005               Areas added:

                        Areas updated:
                        Midnight Carnival  

                        Other stuff:
                        Many new logs and interviews

Summer 2005             Areas added:
                        Abandoned Valley     Stagira   
                        Pleasantville        Duzelton

                        Areas updated:
                        Newbie Mines         Skeep prison
                        Ant Hill             Hell's Dojo

                        References added to library:
                        Alch Ring FAQ
                        Alch Potion FAQ
                        Reagents list
                        Material properties, materials by type

March 2005              Areas updated:
                        Ant Hill

                        References added/updated in the library:
                        Guide to Mixing Salves  
                        Herb Pairs     Herbs by Season
                        Organ Notes    Shift Blade Materials Guide

February 2005           Areas added to the site:
                        Midnight Carnival, Vanion, Conclave, Darkwood
                        Door to the Past, Katvil Forest, Land of Anarchy
                        Legolas, Noran, Pyran, Snow Mountain, Wainamoinen

                        Map additions to:
                        Donaru, Arthur, Reavers

                        Miscellaneous updates to:
                        Castle Halberdheath, Perins, Newbie Mountain,
                        Horsehead Mountain

                        Many reference guides added to the Library section of the site.
                        Materials by type -- useful for newbie merchants
                        Alchemist potion list 
                        Lawyer's guide -- includes loan information
                        Shop inventories -- to help merchants and alchs
January 2005            Many updates, especially to eq/weapons info.
                        New areas: Beach (Marble-sanded Beach), 1000 Acre Forest, Urvile Tree
                        Caves of Orac, Rillion, Castle Brantis, Mountain Dwarves.
                        Rebuilt the library, added numerous books.
                        Added maps for Urvile Tree, Monty Python, Toxic.

All of 2004             Minor corrections and updates.  No major additions.

October, 2003           Few more areas added to the site:  Ant Hill and Nalle's Dark Castle.
			Did updates to:  Rainforest, Newbie Mountain.

September, 2003         I've done several updates a month over the last year, more frequently in the last 
		        few months.  Working through player updates -- please send more, as I'm about caught
			up on player submissions and don't have time to do much game research myself now.
			Added Horn Durath, Rainbow Cloak, and Snootling area infos.

Spring 2003             Removed alloy tables for personal reasons.

July, 2002              Updated a huge number of areas.  Added about a half-dozen areas to the site.
                        Restructured the materials section and added alloy lists for several types.

August, 2001            Added area info for Village of Shrea and Alchemist's House.
	                Color-coded areas on the navigation bar based on difficulty.
            	   	Colors refer to the minimum level for which the area is 
            		safe -- for example, Digga's is a newbie area yet has some midbie and
           		up monsies.  Since it has some good stuff for newbies, though, it is coded
            		as a green area.  If I goofed on any of these, point it out to me
            		so that I can correct the error.            

April 22, 2001          I put up some personal photos under the webmaster link.  The old
                        photo I had up there before was from 7 years ago (the wedding photo).

April 19, 2001          New Bat outerworld maps went up.  Amarth this week converted the
                        southwestern quarter of the world into Kevin Costner's Waterworld.
                        (Despite the resemblence to a terrible movie, most of us seem to like 
                        the new topography!).  Harambikkel did a great job with creating
                        the new maps.  Thank him and shower him with mowgles if you agree.

April 1, 2001           Ok, so I didn't stay on the job long.  Actually, I did a lot of
                        updates in the last year but didn't make note of them here. 
                        Most updates were to areas, not to the eq/weapons.

May 10, 2000            Dryad's back on the job, renovating the site. 
                        More than 100 updates received during my time off, so I'll have 
                        a lot of new material on the site soon.  Please continue to 

January 20, 2000        Baby Dryad was born.  The site's on maternity leave for a while.

January 2, 2000         Updated eq, weapons info.
                        Worked on the following areas:

                             Atlantis             Smurfville
                             Bat City             Sarkus
                             Cornfields           Rilynt'tar
                             Mirkhold             Newbie Mountain
                             Chessboard           Fraggle Village

December 13, 1999       Added partial info for Frozen Valley.

November 13, 1999       Removed all weights from eq and weapons info.  Will be updating
                        the weight columns to reflect the new tune.  Please send in your
                        current eq/weap weight infos.
                        Also updated some eq, races info, dark forest, wrebies, Häirikkö,
                        corn field, smurfville.

October 29, 1999        Area updates:  Hairikko, Pixies, Mithil, Whirlpool,
                        Newbie Forest, Elves, BC Church.

October 23, 1999        Updated EQ, weapons.
                        Added cash lvl cost info to general page.
                        Added Ruins area, Land of Ochimo, Village, 
                        Perilous Forest.

September 30, 1999      Updated EQ, Library, Ranger info.
                        Updated area:  perins, corn, hugoville,
                        diggas, elf village, halls of the dead,
                        sunderland, temple of twisted prophecies,
                        ivory tower, king eowyn's.
                        Added Dark Forest, Paupers area info.

September 26, 1999      Updated Raven.

September 20, 1999  Added Amberley Mansion.
                        Updated mithil stonedown.

September 11, 1999      Added Mirkhold.
                        Added Bigeaul.
                        Added Wrebie.
                        Info:  Updated weapons, eq, races.  
                        Areas: Updated Smurfs, Drawbridge, Sarkus.

August 17, 1999         Updated OBC, Chessboard, Seabird, Whirlpool, Orchard, Ikars,
                        Mythical Valley, Lands of Lor, Oasis, Drawbridge, Newbie Forest,
                        Newbie Mines, Malitrius.
                        Updated guild info:  Crimson, Templar, Alchemist.

August 15, 1999         Updated equipment and weapons.
                        Expanded Lands of Lor area.

August 7, 1999      Updated Kutanakor.

August 6, 1999      Updated some of the walking directions to areas.
                        Added a few links to related sites.
                        Removed discussion boards for lack of use.

July 30, 1999       Added farmhouse area.
                        Added oasis area.

Old Update Information

December 1996 Started web site. Made frames and lynx compatible. Added some graphics for backgrounds and headers. Began 4 areas: Digga's, Elf Village, Giantkillers, and Mithil Stonedown. Also began eq and weapons pages. January 1997 More graphics, few more areas up. Added quest info. February 1997 New areas: Chessboard, Newbie Mtn, Revelstone, Skeep Prison. All shrine locations up, thanks to Pharm. Added simple dirs to many areas. Race info and a few guild infos. March 1997 Many new areas. Mostly completed race info, added tons of eq and weapons info. Most guild infos now up. Began library, will put in good books by request (you must mail me the book if you'd like it up). April 1997 New areas: Ikar, Joseph, Pixies, Kutanakor. Linked area map (map by Maez) to the index frame. Added/updated tons of eq and weapons. May 1997 Removed the forsale page for lack of use. Continued updates from info folks send in. Am leaving for a 6 week camping trip, will not be updating the site until July. Please continue sending in update information and maps.. I'll work on the site when I return. late June 1997 Back from awesome camping trip. Lots of updates made from info folks sent in while I was gone. Whirlpool, Newbie Zoo, Newberry Park, Goblin Caves put up. July 1997 Major updates to both eq and weapons lists. Began some new area info pages, will put them up soon. At the request of several players, I deleted all quest info (other than a few newbie hints). August 1997 The saga continues. Site graphics changed somewhat. Lots of new areas added. Over 100 mail messages received from Bat players, almost all contributions were good and were put up. September 1997 Klerris (that's me!) joins the webadmin! I'm Dryad's 'partner in crime' so you can now also mail me stuff at klerris@australia.net.au (or mudmail if you have to). So far I've added a new area (Shadowjack's "Banbi-spam" area), some new lq info and just done some updates on the eq. More will come! Sept thru Dec 1997 Continuing site expansion and updates. Removed prices on eq and weapons. Substituted weights of items. Jan 1998 Lots of updates to individual area pages. Maps maps and more maps. Quest hints updated. Spring 1998 Minor updates to areas and eq/weapons. Nothing big, I've been too rl busy to keep after the site. Summer 1998 Changed the server over from Linux to Win NT. Went back to doing the site sans Klerris. Working on major updates now that I'm back from vacationing in Germany. Fall 1998 Continued updates to site content. Began including banner ads at the top of most pages within the site. Spring 1999 Purchased a new server in January to better serve site content. Site is now getting several thousand hits per day. Continued site updates, often rewarding players for significant contributions. Summer 1999 Adding new areas and updating old. Getting lots of player contributions to the site -- thank you to all who help. Handy form at the bottom of most pages allows you to easily send me updates while you surf on the site.
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