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Urvile Tree

Area Info


Coder: Eredlin

General Descrip: Urvile tree, based on the books by Stephen R. Donaldson.

Difficulty: Midbie

Area Size: 19 rooms

Last Update: December, 2009

Monsie Info:

Brave Woodhelvin citizen       ?k
Crafty urvile                 10k  
Cunning cavewight             32k
Elder Chella                   ?k
Elder Petron                   ?k
Elder Xerses                   ?k
Eyeless creature              19k
Fierce Woodhelvin woman        ?k
Grotesque humanoid            18k
Hirebrand Davinor              ?k   Sun amulet
Hungry urvile                 16k
Intelligent urvile             ?k
Man with wet pants             ?k
Slobbering cavewight          30k
Strong urvile guards      *   25k
Twisted fiend                 21k
Urvile Loremaster              ?k   Necklace of Elewyn's Heart
Woodhelvin kid                 ?k
Wounded woodhelvin man        16k 

Area Map:

First level:
             / \
            A   C
             \ /

Second level, west:

          Elder Xerses
              / \
             O   O
              \ /

Second level, north:

        Hirebrand Davinor
               / \
              O   O
               \ / 

Second level, east:

         Urvile Loremaster
               / \
              O   O
               \ /


* Watch out for wandering aggressives.  An aggressive urvile 
  walking into your room can quickly spoil the fun!
* Merchants can cannibalize corpses for flesh.  Each corpse weighs 2 to 5 kgs.


*  Kill urvile within trunk of tree.  He's non-aggressive and relatively easy.
*  Then take out the wandering urvile guard.  No skills, no spells if other critters are 
   in the room.  He follows and tracks, so it's useful to 
*  Look for rooms with single creatures.  Take those out with skills and spells.
*  Last, clear the rooms with multiple creatures that don't wander.  If they're tough for you, 
   kill them one at a time with no skills/spells.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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