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BatMud Weapons List

E-mail Dryad with any corrections and additions. I need tons of help keeping this list current, so please send me any information you can add or correct.
For fun, visit Cyran's old weapons list from 1995 Bat.

Last Update: January 22, 2005

Item Name              |  Type   |  Price  |  Stats
                       |         |  Range  | 
Acerack                |  axe    | 5k      |  +1 str
Adamantium Pick        |  axe    | 20-150k |  +1-5% mining, price is usually around 20-30k per skill%
Ancient Staff o Necroman  blud   |         |  much +spr, special features, from Kech, Duke's
Axe named "Bane"       |  axe    | 1.6m    |  +10 dex, +acid dam, made of adamantium
Axe of Knighthood      |  axe    | 60k     |  +hit, +asphyx dam, +emits darkness, requires good to wield
Axe of Mohan           |  axe    | 2    0k     |  
Axe of Power           |  axe    |         |  no stats
Baal Shield            |  shield | 500k    |  +10 con, +specials
Battleaxe of Barb Lords|  baxe   | 1.3M    |  +fire dam, from Oogga, Barbarian guild, now ungettable
Black Axe of Sorcerer  |  axe    |         |  +10 str, +fire dam
Black Reavers Axe      |  axe    | 150-200k|  none (just hits HARD), from B.Reaver, Amazons, made of adamantium
Blade of Death         |  lsword |         |  + dam, +aspyx dam, in Necropolis
Blade of Quickness     |  lsword | 150k    |  50% fire dam, from Kitiara, Floating Citadel, made of indium
Blade of Trust         |  ssword |         |  from Xelbu
Blade of Truth         |  ssword |         |
Blood Axe              |  axe    | 40k     |  +elect dam, mag or elec damge, from Rydag, Malitrius's area
Blood Drinker Axe      |  axe    | 100k    |  hits harder than Marion, made of ruby, min lvl 60 to wield
Blood Red Bone Mace    |  blud   | 500k    |  +6 str, +random dam, made of titanium, from Asmodean
Blood Trident          |  polearm| 50k     |  +mag dam
Bone Sword o/Capt. Annih  lsword | 5k      |  +1 dex
Brantis Axe            |  axe    | 50-100k |  +psi dam, from Brantis' Hand, Castle Brantis
Brutal Maul, Grolth    |  blud   | 150-200k|  -hit, +dmg
Crystal Dagger         |  ssword | 5k      |  +0-1 spr, made of crystal
Crystal Sword          |         | 500k    |  
Curath Claws           |         | 800k    |  +10 martial arts 
Curufin, Hammer of Brimb         |         |  mithril, v light, +repair weapon
Decorated Ivory Dagger |  ssword | 10k     |  +1 con, made of ivory
Decorated Ivory Sabre  |  ssword |         |  +3 dex, +dam, +avoid, +hpr, best/2nd best short blade in game (from lq49)
Demoncrusher           |         | 200k    |
Demon Sickle           |  polearm| 100k    |  +str +poison dam, made of mithril
Despana (old)          |  mace   | 10-20k  |  none, from Despana, Perin's
Despana (new)          |  mace   | 75k     |  +3 dex, hits HARD, +cold dam, better than icemace
Dragon Lance           |         |         |  +cold dam
Dodge Staff            |         | 500k    |  +dodge
Drow Lord's Axe        |  axe    | 15k     |  +fire dam, from Aleval, Perin's
Dull Grey Shield       |  shield |         |  +general prot
Durin's Axe            |  axe    |         |  +2 con, from quest, Durin's
Duz Maul               |  blud   |         |  +vast damage, electric damage, +special, ~9 kg
Electric Sword         |  sword  | 5-10k   |  +extra hit special, +elect dmg, from Sid the Anarchist
Elven Shield l/a flower|  shield | 175k    |  +avoid, light weight, made of adamantium
Flail of the Dead      |         | 3k      |  no stats
Flaming Mithril Mattock|  blud   |         |  fire dam, from Mithril Golem, Tiamat area
Fleshhunter            |  ssword | 15k     |  +dam, must be evil to wield, 261k sacworth
Frost Axe              |  axe    | 1-5k    |  +cold dam
Giant War Mace         |  blud   | 75k     |  +psi dam, hits hard, ~25kg weight
Gnarled Staff          |  blud   |         |  +1 int or wis(?), from Black Twisty Oak, Zebell's
Great Axe of the Vikings  axe    | 100-150k|  +5 to random stat, machismo, hits HARD, from Viking Event
Great Runed Axe        |  axe    | 150k    |  "haershin"
Groth Maul             |  blud   | 75k     |  +mag dam, +dam
Haershin Axe           |  axe    |         |  see "great runed axe"
Halberd of Night       |  polearm|         |  +elec dam, evil to wield, from Black King, Chessboard
Henry Sword            |         | 1.5M    |
High Templar Mace      |  blud   | 300k    |  +mag dmg, +(?)
Holy Sword of Heaven   |         | 750k    |  +fire dmg, hits hard
Huge Axe of Doom       |  axe    |         |  wield 1h if >61 size, 2h if 61 or less, from Raztax, Digga's
Huge Rose-shaped mace  |  blud   | 200k    |  +dam, hits like templar mace.  AKA Belan mace.
Iceblade               |  lsword |         |  cold dmg, no longer exists 
Ivory Blade            |         |         |  +3 dex, +avoid, +light, +dam, made of ivory
Ivory Sabre            |  ssword | 85k     |  +1 dam, +2 avoid, +2 dex, +2 hpr, made of ivory
Khopesh of Destruction |  sword  | 50k     |  +magic damage
Laen                   |         | 20k     |
Lance of the Forgotten |  polearm| 200k    | 
Large Dwarven Hammer   |  blud   |         |
Leitbur Blade          |  lsword | 15k     |  new version, +dmg, hits harder than Shredder, made of silver
Lg Mace w/Fist-shape Hd|  blud   | 225k    |  +2-4 spr, from head priests in Tarm guild
Lifes Hand             |  blud   |         |  from Life, Zebell's
Longsword of Kilrathi  |  lsword |         |  +2 str
MacDuff Long Sword     |  lsword | 1-5k    |  from Angus MacDuff, Skeep prison
Mace of Luck           |  blud   |         |  +hit, from Priest of Fire, Firefox
Mace of Mantaray       |  blud   | 1M      |  +dam, +hit, +poison dam
Mace w/Fist-Shaped Head|  blud   | 5k      |  +0-1 spr, from priests in Tarm guild
Malady Blade           |  lsword |         |  +5% parry, made of mithril, hits harder than BoQ
Malady Axe             |  axe    | 75k     |  +fire dam, +hit
Mario Axe              |  axe    | 425k    |
Massive Durandium Maul |         |         |  +3 con, hits hard
Mauler                 |  polearm| 100k    |  +electrical dmg, +str 
Maul of Choking        |  blud   |         |  +asphyx dam, from Raztax, Digga's
Maul of Titans         |  blud   | 350k    |  +10 str, +cold dam, -hit, made of basalt, emits dark, from minesweeper  event
Melcross Halberd       |  polearm|         |  awesome damage, from Melcross, Nifty's
Mighty Axe of Marion   |  axe    | 250k    |  +mag dam, heavy, hits real hard 
Mythical Frostblade    |         |         |  +cold dam, lq item, from Frostblade area
Neon Sword             |  lsword |         |  +dam to undeads, from knights, Castle Toxic
Onog Newbie Axe        |  axe    | 1k      |  +dam, only wieldable if under lvl 25
Oogga Mace             |  blud   | 1.5m    |  +dam, +fire dam, made of diamond, from Oogga, Barbarian guild
Paingiver              |  axe    | 1.2m    |  +acid dmg, +divine dmg, made of batium
Preserver Sword        |         | 1.2m    |  +8 parry, +2 avoid, decent weight
Ranger Sword           |  ssword | 250k    |  +4-6 hpr, +mag damage, one of the best gettable sswords, 
                       |         |         |  from Sable, Rangers guild
Reaper Trident         |  polearm| 125k    |  
Reflection of Goodness |  shield |         |  gives death armour if wielder is good, target is evil
Runed Axe, Haershin    |  axe    | 50-100k |  +poison dmg, made of mithril
Runed Shmrng slvr blade|  ssword |         |  +cold dam, better than shiny scimitar
Sable Axe              |  axe    | 2.0M    |  +8 str, +fire dam, from Sable, AKA fire diamond battle axe
Shaft of Light         |  polearm| 55k     |  good polearm, from Perin's near Tomtor
Shield of Courage      |  shield | 350k    |  +5% parry, +10 str, -3 int, -2 wis, from Lord Zar, Minotaurs, made of adamantium
Shield of Planes       |  shield |         |  +3 con
Shield of the Wind     |  shield | 200k    |  +5 dex, from Raztax, Digga's
Shield of Valor        |  shield |         |
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +10% dodge, mirrors every 5 min or so, from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +10 dex, mirrors every 5 min or so, from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +10 int, mirrors every 5 min or so, from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +10% parry, mirrors every 5 min or so, from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +10% qc, mirrors every 5 min or so, from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shield o 1k Reflection |  shield |         |  +5-6 spr, mirrors every 5 min or so,  from Mithrandir, Druid guild
Shredder               |  lsword | 50k     |  from Sadisto, Firefox
Shining Mace of Elven Lo  blud   |         |  +5dex, good newbie bludgeon
Shiny Scimitar         |  ssword |         |
Shiny Silver Hammer    |  blud   | 10k     |  +1 spr, made of silver
Short Sword of Demons  |  ssword |         |  +acid dmg
Silversteel Sai        |  ssword |         |  +poison, +10% assassination, from 
                       |         |         |  Kapak Draconian, Floating Citadel
Sizzling Katana        |  lsword | 50k     |  50% psi dam, 50% phys, requires evil to wield,
                       |         |         |  seems to be +stuns, made of diamond
Slayer                 |  mace   | 15k     |  +elec dam, elec special, from Minotaur King, Minotaur area, made of adamantium
Slender                |  1.2M   |         |  4 versions, 2 newest were tuned to be like the older versions, good wield only
Slicer                 |  axe    | 300k    |  +hit, +mag dmg
Soth Maul              |  blud   | 200k    |  +dam, +magic dam, (1d50) special, weighs ~7kg  (has been tuned?)
Soulripper             |  lsword | 300k    |  gives youthing when used at some corpses, from Akira, AKA jet black katana
Spider Cutlass         |         |         |
Spider Dagger          |  dagger |         |  +3 dodge, emits webs
Spider Sabre           |  ssword |         |  +3 parry, decent sblade, hits nicely
Spinning Ice Mace      |  blud   | 10k     |  +cold dam, from Sivak or Kapak Draconian, Floating Citadel, made of durandium
Staff of Artemis       |  blud   | 30k     |  +phys dam, from Artemis, Nifty's
Staff of Elements      |  blud   | 80k     |  +1 spr, grants ww, makes water on demand
Staff of Law           |  blud   |         |  +1 int, from Elena, Revelstone, quest item
Staff of Lerethin      |  blud   |         |  +10 int or wis (tunable)
Staff of Ulmat Took    |  blud   | 330k    |  +10 dodge, very light weight
Star shaped shield     |  shield |         |  +avoid, acts as long blade
Stinger                |  baxe   | 1.2M    |  Poison dam, +5 enhance criticals. From Lolth, 
                       |         |         |  Queen of Spiders. Made of adamantium.
Stinger                |  ssword | 500k    | 
Sunsword of Apollo (new)  lsword | 100k    |  +fire dam, from Hera, Castle Brantis
Sword of Divine Glory  |         | 550k    |  can suck evil corpses to get +dam, from Henry
Sword of Law           |  lsword | 50k     |  +2-3dam +6-10 to hit, dests if wielded by evil
Sword of Mists         |  lsword | 70k     |  2.4 kg, from behemoth in Teutonic's area
Sword of Wonders       |  lsword | 1.3m    |  v. nice dmg, stats change every 5 min, 
                       |         |         |  takes 50 from hp and sp max, dmg type can be changed
Ta'kaden               |  polearm|         |  
Templar Mace           |  blud   | 300k    |  ~equal to Marion axe
Torsomaker             |  lsword |         |  from Grandmaster Torturer, Shadowkeep
Trollbiter             |  axe    |         |  from Garthac, Kutanakor
Trollsmasher           |  blud   |         |  from Brugge, Kutanakor
Ultimax Death Shield   |  shield | 10k     |  +5 str, from Dr. Kilrathi, made of onyx
Viper                  |  dagger |         |  +poison dam, from Curley, Digga's
Vorpal                 |         |         |  +10 str, +10 dex, hits hard, +special glow, from Burgle
Watermelon staff       |  blud   | 30-40k  |  +4 str, -3 int, creates watermelons for food and water (uses sps to do this)
Xormor the Soulfreezer |  polearm| 50k     |  +8 con, cold dmg, -hpr
Zhentorian Death Spear |  polearm| 20k     |  Random Damage, gives killing addiction

A couple factors when determining if weapon is good or not:

Weapon material - gives all sortsa flags, (silver vs undead, etc) gives also density, tough materials give out damage bonus for edged weapons. Weapon weight - determines how many damage dies the weapon uses, but also, heavier weapons, make it harder to hit, and light weapons make it easier to hit. Magic - the great unknown, a multitude of magical effects persist in weapons, unseen to the eye. Quality - Qualities range from very poor to exellent, giving bonuses to hit and damage. Type of weapon - See below.

Following types of weapons exist in BatMUD:

AXES Axe type weapons have base die side of 4 to 10 ranging from cleaver (worst) to great axe (best axe type), axe type weapon sizes range from small to large. cleaver (worst) aklys tomahawk hand-axe battleaxe great axe (best) SHORT BLADES Short blade type weapons have die side of 3 to 7, ranging from dagger (worst) to broadsword (best), short blades are usually smallish, thus almost everyone is able to wield them. dagger (worst) main gauche dirk rapier poker foil sai short sword scimitar cutlass sabre broadsword (best) LONG BLADES Long blade type weapons have die side of 4 to 11, ranging from shovel (worst) to 2h sword (best), long blades are usually quite cumbersome and largish to wield. shovel (worst) longsword falchion bastard sword katana claymore no-dachi 2h sword (best) BLUDGEONS Bludgeon type weapons have die side of 2 to 10, ranging from blackjack (worst) to maul (best), bludgeons come in all sizes. blackjack (worst) staff jo ice pick whip club hammer pick cudgel warhammer morningstar mace war mattock battle mace flail maul (best) POLEARMS Polearms have die side of 7 to 13, ranging from javelin (worst) to lance (best), polearms are very cumbersome and large to wield. Ranseur is also a polearm -- someone let me know where it fits in the ranking below. javelin (worst) short spear harpoon boar spear bardiche long spear fauchard trident glaive gisarme guisarme pilum voulge halberd lance (best) SHIELDS Shields have die side of 1 to 3, ranging from target shield (worst) to full shield (best), they use the shield bash attack skill to determine their succesfull hit. They come in variety of sizes. target shield (worst) buckler shield medium shield large shield full shield (best) Additional Info, Contributed by Crush The following is a list of the ranking of various weapons I've had based on the damage category from the compare skill. The weapons are ranked from best to worst based on base DAMAGE ONLY. Handling and non-physical damage isn't taken into account. Staff of Artemis Black Reaver's Axe == Despana mace a devastating axe named 'Trollbiter' == The Nasty Triple-Edged Axe known as 'Axe of Brantis' Bronze Battleaxe (from aged guard) frost axe == A steel war mattock (from shop) == The HUGE axe of DOOM The Maul of Choking Additional Info, Contributed by Aquam Ranger buyable long blade list: Long Blade Point Indications are: 1-10 Swords: Points: Prices: Specials: Weight: Henri sword (9 points) 1.5m-3.5m 4.5kg Mithril Slender (8 points) 1m Good wield only 6.5kg Malady Blade (6 points) 350-450k 9kg Kurgan (6 points) 700k ? Blade of Death (6-7 points) 800k-1m Evil wield only ? Blade of Quickness (4 points) 100k Sword of Mists (4 points) 100k 2.5kg Khopesh of Destruction(4 points) 120k Leitbur Blade (3 points) 30k

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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