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Wizard of Oz

Area Info

Dirs: From south crossing: 5 se, 2 e

Coder: Shadowjack (?)

Difficulty: Newbie. As Utgard says, "butblortsareaggrobecareful" .

Last Update: 1-19-98

Monsie Info:

                         Info    Worth    EQ
Bambi                             1.5k    antlers
Blort                       *      500    Studded leather armour
Cute frog                          100
Dorothy                            380    Ruby shoes
Ferocious wolverine         *     2-3K    Wolverine hide
Mumbaba the blort leader   c*     2-4k    studded armour, brass knuckles
Munchkin                           120    munchkin donuts (give sp/hp)
Toto                               100
Ugly toad                          300
Vorpal bunny                *      400    Sharp fangs
Wibble                              70

                   * = Aggressive
		   c = curses

Area Map:

     L 0
     | |
     O-0                L=Blort Leader
       |                D=Dorothy and Toto
       0-0-0            B=Bambi
       |                E=Entrance
       0-0 0-X          X=Exit - type enter balloon to leave 
         | |
         | |
         0 0-D

I think is right. If not, please mail me at klerris@australia.net.au, or
using the email below.  Updated by Dryad 1-19-98; let either of us know if
there are errors.


  * To leave the area, enter the hot air balloon.
  * Wells can be entered by using 'climb well'.
  * Trees can be climbed by using 'climb tree'.
  * Wolverine sometimes follows you.
  * There are secrets in this area.. explore to figure them out.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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