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Worm Hole

Area Info

Dirs: North of Donaru. Location not marked with a ?.

Coder: Malitrius

General Descrip: A maze filled with earthworms that gradually grow.

Difficulty: Mostly newbie.

Area Size: ~2 rooms of explore, >40 rooms total.

Last Update: February 20, 2005

Monsie Info:

i = icebolts

Ancient earthworm             2k
Big earthworm                800
Bright purple.. ancient   i  75k
Enormous earthwoom            2k
Gigantic earthworm            2k
Large earthworm              300   
Medium earthworm             200
Small earthworm              100
Tiny earthworm                50
Very large earthworm         700
Very small earthworm          50

Area Map:

Wormhole is randomly generated.  You'll have to map as you go.


* Peer does not work in this area.

* Sometimes, you will 'slip on some slime' and move in a random direction.

* Earthworms are not aggressive, but do block exits, sometimes
  preventing you from leaving a room.

* Earthworms grow from one size to the next, so if you are trapped by
  a small earthworm and you do not want to teleport out and start over,
  kill it while it is still small.

* Info provided by Whyi.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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