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Area Info


Coder: Zebell, converted by Cyberman

General Descrip: Snowdog Temple and a forest with bastard-ass trees.

Difficulty: Partied low to mid.

Area Size:

Last Update: January 22, 2003

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive, f = firebolts, s = strikes, g = green forcefield

Bald eagle              15k   none
Black oak               94k   gnarled staff
By-tor                   2k   magical silk shirt
Deformed oak            11k
Disciple with broom      1k   random armour
Disciples (other)        2k   random boots and staves, assist each other
Earthworms              150   none
Evil priest       sf    28k   long slicing scythe
High disciple            9k   fake amulet of snow dog, cloak of pride, steel belt
Hunter                  35k   Hunter's cloak (+1 dex)
King of the maples g    80k   
Large maple             19k
Life                    15k   Life's Hand
Maple tree               9k
Mighty hunter           32k
Musician                10k   suit of the musician
Nasty demon        *    32k   ball of protection
Nothing guard            7k   none
Oak tree                12k 
Peasants                <1k   random armour, random knife
Pit fiend               75k
Skitish deer             1k   none
Smallish maple tree      1k
Snow Dog                 ?k   The Amulet of Snow Dog
Strange looking guy     800   none
Wild boar                5k

Area Map:

               O-O~~jump window
             | | | |
             O-O-O-O-O-O-O-black oak
             | | | |
             | | | |

Jump window:

              / \
        window   O
              \ /
                       O~~climb tree, enter (to get to plane of hades)

Plane of Hades:

      O (Evil Priest of Knights of Darkness)
      U ~~ go up to get to By-tor
      O-Ravine of the Dead
      O (path, off)

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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