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Zoy's Inn

Area Info

Dirs: Just west of Alchemist guild and south of moonmin shrine, in the southern part of the outerworld.

Coder: Zoy, Hablo

General Descrip:


Area Size:

Last Update: April 2010

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive      l = levin bolt    p = poisons
v = vacuum bolt     f = fire bolt     g = grapples

Main area:
Angry black bear         *     7k   none
Angry lynx               *     2k   none
Angry marten             *    800   none
Angry weasel             *    600   none
Female yeti              *g   32k   The collar of Gan Eyir (+dam, -3 dex)
Ferocious white yeti     *lp  37k   none
Packrat                        1k   golden saucer


Dwarven pirate cook            4k   none
Elderly man                    5k   none
Harpo the pirate               5k   misc
Johnny Crossbones        *     7k   misc, leather wings
Lanky hobbit pirate            3k   misc
Large tabby cat                3k   misc
Smallish rat                   1k   none
Young sailor boy               2k   none


Captain Joe (stury man)  vp   34k   none   
Innkeeper                vf   55k   none
Wanderer                       3k   none


Cornered snake           p    13k   misc
Huge snake               p    23k   Smooth Silver Tail Guard 
Large snake in a coil    p    11k   misc
Large snake slithers     P    37k   none
Snakeman                 p    17k   snake-skin leather tunic, misc eq
Snakewoman               p    18k   snake gloves, misc eq

Grumpy dwarf                   4k   misc eq
Skinny dwarf                   3k   misc eq
Suspicious dwarf               3k   misc eq

River section:
Dwarven pirate cook            1k   none
Smallish rat             *    200   none
Young sailor boy               1k   none

Area Map:

                            O (search pile)
    O-u                     :
      :                   O O (slither)
      :                  / \|
      d-O               O   O
        |               |
      O-hole   O      hole                        O (dig)
      | |     /                                   |
      O-O yeti                                   boat
        | |                                       |
      O-O shack                                   O
        | |                                       |
        O O                                      hut  (swim to boat, search bed)
         \|                                       |
          O..................................swim in river

Boat, main deck:
          captain (search chest)
             O    (rope is here)

Inside the Inn:

             | : 

  Along the forest path, "enter hole" to get to the realm of the snakemen.
  In the northeastern snake room, "slither" to get to the treasure room.
  Within the snake treasure room, "search pile" to retreive the silver disc.

  Swim in river to get to the hut and boat.  Parachute is in hut.  

  Within the inn, 'pay' the innkeeper to rent the rooms.  "Sleep" in the rooms to regen.       
  At yeti, 'enter crevice' to get to female yeti.
  Shack -- "search bench" to find Easter Egg
  Find rope on the boat, in the southern room with the cat.  Tie rope to stake, in the 
  northwestern-most room in the forest.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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