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BatMUD Logs

BatMUD conversion notes from 1996.

Conversion Update

*Mon, Sept 2, 1996
     - EP costs of walking are in again. These are affected by 
       racial abilities and a couple of skills.
     - No longer wear armour in combat. Wielding weapons in combat checks
       for switch_weapon skill.

*Sat, August 31, 1996
     - Area
        - Necropolis (coder: Dinin)
        - Temple of Sarku (coder: Sarku)

*Fri, August 30, 1996
     - 'give' now checks your keeplist
     - Mage guild no longer has psionic skills/spells
     - If you can not study/train a skill/spell due to a specific 
       requirement for that skill/spell, the requirements are displayed now.

*Thu, August 29, 1996
     - Areas
        - Mythical valley (coder: Ilendir, recoder: Cyberman)

*Tue, August 27, 1996
     - Hardware store for merchants/alchs added

*Thu, August 22, 1996
     - 'list levels' command added to quest room, and some quests 
       were redistributed.

*Wed, August 21, 1996
     - Areas
        - Digga's Domain (coder: Digga, recoder: Alaron)

*Tue, August 20, 1996
     - Areas
        - Holy Grail (coder: Dranthrax, updater: Natasha, recoder: sciurine)
     - Battlecry skill recoded.

*Mon, August 19, 1996
     - Merchant guild opened (coder: Shadowjack)

*Fri, August 16, 1996
     - Areas:
        - Desolate castle (coder: Therp, recoder: Bj)

*Sun, August 11, 1996
     - Areas
        - Castle of Toxic (coder: Toxic, recoder: Cyberman)

*Sat, August 10, 1996
     - Areas
        - Land of the Overworld (coder: Zebell, recoder: Cyberman)
        - Mysterious Vortex (coder: Apollo, recoder: Sciurine)
        - Flying Citadel (coder: Lanfear)

*Fri, August 9, 1996
     - Water bug with some races when reincing fixed
     - Leading Guild system coded.

*Thu, August 8, 1996
     - 'tell apprentices' command added.
     - race statues redone, now accounts time in the race.
     - new pantheon, more deities and some changes in power

*Tue, August 6, 1996
     - Apprenticeship system for guilds added.

* Sun, August 4, 1996
     - Areas:
         _ Secluded forest (coder: Cyberman)
         - Village (coder: Eredlin)

* Sat, August 3, 1996
     - handling with booze and light obs (ie, torches) improved. Can now
       'light torch 2', etc.
     - Areas:
         - Haunted Castle (coder: Plura, recoder: Alaron)

* Mon, July 29, 1996
     - Word of Recall spell changed. It will work when needed, but is 
       no longer a substitute for teleport with/without error.
     - Problem with being drunk when reincing cleared up.

* Sun, July 28, 1996
     - 'map' in city updated.

* Fri, July 26, 1996
     - Wimpy bug should be fixed.
     - Damogran basket (and other stuff) fixed.
     - weight bug with giving/dropping money fixed.
     - hallucination updated.
     - 'help who to ask' updated.

* Sun, July 21, 1996
     - Areas:
         - Sunderland (coder: Rock, recoders: Alaron and Dragoness)
         - D'Hegral (coder: Rock, recoder: Alaron)

* Sat, July 20, 1996
     - bug, idea, typo and commend updated by Lanfear.

* Fri, July 19, 1996
     - All exp was divided by 10 to deal with problems with players getting
       more exp than an integer can handle. This includes player exp,
       level costs, training costs, and exp from monsters, etc.
       Effectively, you are exactly where you were.
     - Royal Legionnaires guild opened (Coders: Zilch and Sciurine)

* Wed, July 17, 1996
     - Sharing of kill alignment in parties added

* Mon, July 15, 1996
     - Mortis' corpse shop recoded and reopened.

* Sun, July 14, 1996
     - Areas:
        - Cathedral (Coder: Bj)

* Sat, July 13, 1996
     - Fellowship of Wizardry opened (coder: Alaron)

* Fri, July 12, 1996
     - Mercenary guild (Dog Fighters) opened (Coder: Zilch)

* Mon, July 8, 1996
     - Areas:
        - Melcross's Domain (Coder: Nifty, recoder: Sciurine)
        - Giant-Killers  (Coder: Doobie, recoder: Coren)

* Sat, July 6, 1996
    - Mage guild opened (Coder: Alaron)
     - Races were reworked. Do not take old values for granted. Alot
         was changed that you cannot see easily. 
     - Water walking messages were fixed.
     - Natural weapons and armour was upgraded for many races.
     - Race stats were equalized slightly to give disused races more
     - Alignment was added to some races on creation.
     - Some races have can reduce walking ep loss.
     - Battle was adjusted to reduce the size disparity (slightly) so
          smaller races do more damage.
     - Smaller races now avoid hits MUCH better.
     - All old, disused racial info was removed. 
     - some races got racial skills. 

* Sun, June 30, 1996
     - Area:
        - Mines (Coder: Tonze, recoder: Shadowjack)

* Saturday, June 29, 1996
     - Safe experience for reincs enabled.
     - Exploration counters reset and enabled.

* Thu, June 27, 1996
    - Priests of Tarmalen added for preliminary playtesting (Dragoness).

* Wed, June 26, 1996
    - Fixed a few race bugs. More modifications to come.
    - Added a new race for fun.
    - Got bored, took a nap, saw a movie, made dinner.
    - Abjurers guild added for preliminary playtesting (bug Wane).
    - Areas
         - Dinin's newbie area (Coder: Dinin)

* Thu, June 20, 1996
    - Regen on items works now.
    -  on special items in colour, if the term permits.
    - description of multiple obs in rooms/inventory changed.
    - Uncon bug in arena fixed.
    - Variable colour display to 'sc' added.
    - more colour added to 'channels'.
    - protection on items fixed (was bugging with multiple items).
    - added (useless) to objects such as torches when they are used up.
    - recoded alcohol and its effects.
    - fixed the wearing of armour for temp races.
    - lots of behind-the-scenes stuff.
    - Areas
         - Von Hubor Mansion (Coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)

* Sun, June 16, 1996
    - Area:
        - Revelstone (Coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Church Towers (Coder: Elwood, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Castle Brantis (Coder: Shades, recoder: Coren)
        - Mines (Coder: Ikar)
        - Volcano (Coder: Tank, recoder: Dinin)

* Sat, June 15, 1996
    - 'qscore' command added. help score updated
    - You can no longer dodge when unconcious, nor can monsters.
    - Temporary races, like dragons, can no longer wear/wield items.
    - 'lite' command was changed to accept color. 'help lite'

* Fri, June 14, 1996
    - Lacramobo's Rent Hall opened.
    - Area:
        - Whirlpool (Coder: Kelson, recoder: Keill)
    - Item weights were reduced to more realistic levels (again).
    - Item prices were reduced.

* Wed, June 12, 1996
    - Armour protection now works, has a few suprises.
    - Weapons emotes were added.

* Tue, June 11, 1996
    - Area:
        - Hugoville (coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Soaring Woodhelvin (coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Orc Treehouse (coder: Shadowjack)
    - Consider skill further redone.
    - Backgrounds:
        - evil_religious and good_religious backgrounds added.
        - religious background disabled.
    - Colour for players' short descs added (ansi help).

* Sun, June 9, 1996
    - Areas:
        - Smurville (coder: Amarth)

* Sat, June 8, 1996
    - Updated skills: consider
    - Wear/wield/remove slots bug fixed (If problems persist, bug.)
    - Overwielding penalties and bonuses fixed.
    - Ambush/wimpy spam fixed.
    - 'score' command output made smaller.
    - Equipment damage updated for new systems.
    - Armour protection display was fixed ('eq' should now show true prot)

* Fri, June 7, 1996
    - Areas:
        - Castle Firefox (coder: Firefox)
        - Mithil Stonedown (coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Creche (coder: Seance, recoder: Eredlin)
        - Enchanted Forest (coder: Ikar)
        - Tall Mountain (coder: Wane)

* Tue, June 4, 1996
    - Updated skills: sculpture, appraise, compare
    - Updated spells: identify
    - Lords of Chaos guild added for preliminary playtesting.
    - Free reinc room added to church.
    - Added 'ansi list' to ansi commands. Help colour.
    - You can now type 'drink from container', instead of 'drink container'.

* Sun, June 2, 1996
    - Some areas added:
        - Dunedain's Dark Mansion (coder: Dunedain. recoder: Alaron)
        - Snowy Peak (coder: Alannah. recoder: Alaron)
    - New brewery shop and supply store (mainly for new alchemists, 
      not open yet) added to city.
    - Quest: 'finger -q ' added.
    - New score display for players, including kill info.

* Fri, May 31, 1996
    - Opened the game to players for bughunting.
    - New armour, weapon, item and servers installed.
    - Item control and cost system installed. 
    - New monster changes installed.
    - New armour protection system installed.
    - Wear/Wield/Remove code added.
    - Recoded ships installed.
    - OCP and BatCity converted.
    - Wizard areas unlinked. 
    - Most guilds unlinked. 
    - Player Castles unlinked.
    - Converted skills and spells installed.
    - Race modifications done for armour slots and base protection.
    - New quests system installed with lib quests converted.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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