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BatMUD Logs

People whining about Batmud on bulletin boards, back in 1996.

Quoted in 1996 on rec.games.mud.lp:

From: Empacher@astaria.pond.com (Empacher)
Subject: Re: What's Wrong with BatMUD?
Date: 1996/01/19
newsgroups: rec.games.mud.lp

I think it reflects poorly on the LPMud community when people
have to leave a mud they love because they cant afford the (mandatory)
"optional" donations. 

From: Empacher@astaria.pond.com (astaria.pond.com 5555)
Subject: Re: What's Wrong with BatMUD?
Date: 1996/01/12
newsgroups: rec.games.mud.lp

I hear this ALL the time from tons of people that played and 
still play Batmud. Personally, I find it scary all the stories I hear
about the game being almost unplayable unless you intend to fork over
a lot of money for stat increases, experience point % factor increases,
etc. According to them, if you dont play, your character very quickly
becomes incredibly weak in relative terms to others, and basically,
you're doomed. That seems a sad way for a once very well known and
respected mud to have fallen.


Hahahahaha.... Muahahahaha!

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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