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BatMUD Logs

BatMud stats from 1998. Interesting numbers -- we've grown a lot in the years since.

inform: article 3 

From: Argon

Subject: player statistics

Date: Sun Jan  4 14:01:58 1998

Reply-Code: 5aa

Lines: 24

        I ran a statistics script today and here is output from it:

Last day:          942

Last two days:    1265

Last week:        2001

Last two weeks:   2636

Last month:       4392

Last 6 months:   11321

Last year:       12547

Total players:   15238

        Above numbers are based on last modification time of save

        files. First line tells how many save files have been modified

        during last 24 hours and so on. Modification means saving a

        character, thus there seems to be around 1000 players playing

        daily BatMUD, 2000 players playing at least once a week and so




        Below is some statistics for one day:

Start Time:   Wed Jan 21 00:00:00 1998

End Time:     Thu Jan 22 00:00:00 1998

Period:       86400s (1d)

Sessions:     6253

Characters    1664 (208 guests)

Logins:       6004

Quits:        3287

Linkdeaths:   2342

Re-enters:    407

Playtime:     17006723s (196d 20h 5m 23s)

Avg Session:  2719s (45m 19s)

Avg Playtime: 10220s (2h 50m 20s)

Avg Players:  196


"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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