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BatMUD Logs

Nazrix (Thematrix) making an ass of himself, yet again.
Oh but wait, no.. the target LIKED it, and everyone is happy now.
(Until next time.....)

The BatMud Lottery Commission is now offering a NEW game of
chance! Win the BIG Jackpot! Gain in every way where it counts!
Visit your local lottery office for your chance to win NOW!!!
The current jackpot is estimated at: 6866917!!!
The drawing will be held in 1 minutes.
The crystal throbs faintly, healing some of your wounds.

Nazrix [wanted]: sum me to lottery room or gimme

The Moment Has Arrived! The Big Jackpot Drawing For:

After careful scientific and statistical studies were made,
it was decided seers would study the entrails of a worm
and divine the true winner. After careful study and much
bickering as to the nature of life, the Winner was found to be

Nazrix [bat]: fuck no

finger aedos
Aedos Swift is a level 30 mortal of the Catfolk race.
He was created Wed Jul 14 19:51:41 2004 and he is 47d, 19h, 7min and 6s old.
He has been on for 3h, 31min and 2s, idle 28s.
He has killed: A sparkling dragon, 15915 exp
               Skeleton Dwarf guards vault here, 6512 exp (party of 2)
Web page: NUC!
Phone: nah bitches
This player has a blog - last modified 40d, 3h, 54min and 36s ago. 
>oh yeah... ' HE WAS LOVIN IT STRONG"
>                         ~dedicated

You emote to Aedos 'cheers enthusiastically at you.'
[bat]: Blacksmith congratulates Aedos wholeheartedly.
You tell Aedos 'congrats.. go hide or ld with your exp  :)'
Desos [bat]: To a good cause!
You tell Aedos 'before some evil person kills you'
Zard (bat): gimme my 50k back
Blacksmith [bat]: finaly someone who needs it
Dryad [bat]: how great that a new player gets it :)
Being (bat): nice =)
Grimpold {bat}: "new"

Nazrix [bat]: aedos is uncon!
Radium [bat]: that is actually nice :D
Info: Aedos goes link dead.
Info: Aedos dies.
Info: Aedos recovers from link death.
Dagel (bat): .

Dryad [bat]: who was the asshole?
Yoz [bat]: :D
Grimpold {bat}: aedos
Rocker (bat): nuuh, it was supposed to be me this time. damn traitors!
Radium [bat]: hmm... who did him in?
Zard (bat): were there not many highbies dumping 100's of k into it?
[04:07]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: nazrix i will fuckign own your 
soul for that
Nazrix [bat]: I killed him b/c I owed him death b/c he said 
"You suck cock like it's going out of style" an hour ago on wanted
Nazrix [bat]: or bat, when we was talking about how applebees is 
a crappy place to eat or something
Pertulio (bat): actually he said it on bat?
Grimpold {bat}: :)
Nazrix [bat]: nod on bat
Zard (bat): i think you made a mistake there naz
Dryad [bat]: oh that was worth a couple megs of exp?
Nazrix [bat]: Lottery exp is safe exp
Blacksmith [bat]: well you will do the exp back to him that he lost. 
we are quite sure of it
Nazrix [bat]: he lost nothing
Dryad [bat]: I think you got on a whole lot of shitlists there.
Nazrix [bat]: it's safe exp now dryad
Nazrix [bat]: and he spent all his exp in lottery
Dryad [bat]: so you cost him nothing?

Being (bat): lottery exp wasn't safe when I won it.. august 15th 2005
Dryad [bat]: if it's not save exp, you'll need to make it up to him
Nazrix [bat]: nah, he threatened me and said "bring it whenever I'll be waiting"
Desos [bat]: He doesn't "need" to do anything, even though it was a shitty thing 
IF the lottery isn't safe exp.
You tell Aedos (dead) 'when you're back alive, please say on bat  
how much exp you lost'
Dryad [bat]: nah, but I'll make his life miserable.  I don't NEED to do that 
either, but I'll want to,.

Nazrix [bat]: I thought it's safe exp, and aedos was being arrogant asshole 
insulting me earlier and said to bring it and I told him so be it. Don't have 
your mouth write checks your ass can't cash I guess.
[04:11]:Grimpold {bat}: gotta agree with naz, if you insult someone, 
you gotta be ready to die whenever
[04:12]:Nazrix [bat]: it was accident anyways, I went to give him revive and 
he went link dead in the middle of combat and died.
[04:12]:Pertulio (bat): true that, but then again, 7M on gives hell to pay
[04:12]:Grimpold {bat}: oh, he tried to use illegal tactics?
[04:12]:Tome [bat]: was the insult worth that uch xp?
[04:12]:Nazrix [bat]: I left after he went uncon but then instantly he goes 
ld so he can't be dim doored
[04:12]:Grimpold {bat}: easily
[04:12]:Mazzon [bat]: Rather stupid going ld in combat
[04:12]:Dryad [bat]: that's probably because I told him to go ld before some 
asshole tries to kill him.. poor guy.
[04:13]:Nazrix [bat]: yes so poor he said I suck cocks like it's going out of style
[04:13]:Grimpold {bat}: actually nazrix has right to kill him until aedos apologizes
[04:13]:Yoz [bat]: nothing wrong in sucking cocks
Nazrix [bat]: also, I wouldn't idle in exp lottery room if I insulted 
someone there, I would idle in church.


Meanwhile on ghost channel:

[04:07]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: nazrix i will fuckign own your soul for that
[04:08]:Rocker (ghost): accept
[04:08]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: i did get 7 mil
[04:08]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: now i need a fuckign body
[04:08]:Nazrix [ghost]: it's safe exp
[04:08]:Sundstar [ghost]: wow
[04:08]:Nazrix [ghost]: moron
[04:08]:Pertulio (ghost): isn't that safe exp
[04:08]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: no i only bought like 500 shares
[04:08]:Kimahri [ghost]: i bought 5.. :/
[04:08]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: no its not
[04:08]:Nazrix [ghost]: it is safe now
[04:09]:Pertulio (ghost): holy fucking hell
[04:09]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: no i told you i was at sc
[04:10]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: someone give me a body
[04:10]:Grimpold {ghost}: accept
[04:10]:Tome [ghost]: auction it off aedos
[04:10]:Ooga [ghost]: heh, was wondering that there weren't tarms jumping over 
themselves to do a 7M body ;P
[04:10]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: wow i never got this many offers
[04:10]:Yoz [ghost]: so it isnt safe exp ? :D
[04:11]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: i have 7 mill on who ever offers me 
the most money and a new body
[04:11]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: wins it
[04:11]:Pertulio (ghost): oh well, aedos, just quote exp lost to ghost after
[04:11]:Kata [ghost]: type score and you see if it is safe exp
[04:11]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: i know its not

[04:12]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: how has the highest wis?
[04:13]:Ghost of Aedos [ghost]: obviously its true and your sensitive about it 
because you can't take a joke
[04:13]:Nazrix [ghost]: neither can you
[04:13]:Mazzon [ghost]: What, it actually is going out of style?!
[04:14]:Being (ghost): killing someone with 7M exp on doesn't sound like a 
joke to me though :P
[04:14]:Daria [ghost]: killing someone for taking a quote out of a 
william gibson book is lame
[04:14]:Mithrand {ghost}: easy come, easy go, hes still gonna have 5m for nothing left
[04:14]:Aedos [ghost]: [-1602272
[04:15]:Radium [ghost]: easy come, easy go, will you let me go?


Aedos [bat]: [-1602272
Nazrix [bat]: lies
Desos [bat]: See, he's a bot!
Yoz [bat]: now is a good chance to do it again :D
Aedos [bat]: i didn't idle i went up to get a beer
Nazrix [bat]: if aedos quotes me his score in the next 5 seconds and 
he did lose exp I will give him the lost exp
Nazrix [bat]: maybe
You tell Aedos 'hurry up and train it off, he'll probably come at you again'
Desos [bat]: You should be a politician.
Desos [bat]: Perhaps.

Aedos [bat]: Session summary:
Aedos [bat]: Time: 3 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds
Aedos [bat]: Experience gained: 7000110
Aedos [bat]: Experience lost: 1768644
Aedos [bat]: Experience spent: 0

[04:18]:Nazrix [bat]: oh no aedos is uncon again since he insulted me in hell =D
[04:18]:Nazrix [bat]: just kidding
[04:18]:Blacksmith [bat]: seems like Nazrix is going to have busy night 
doing all the lost exp back
Nazrix [bat]: nah
Radium [bat]: was just about to whoop your ass nazrix. watch it.

[04:19]:Grimpold {bat}: grr, nazrix gets servant for his doings, this isn't fair!
[04:19]:Dryad [bat]: oh, thought you were supporting him?
Nazrix [bat]: he is
Grimpold {bat}: i agree with him
Grimpold {bat}: if someone insults you, you have right to kill that person until he apologizes
Nazrix [bat]: I thought it was safe exp
Aedos [bat]: nope
Grimpold {bat}: yeah right :)
Zard (bat): can agree with the pk maybe but the timing was mmmmm unfortunate
Tackle [bat]: so did i
Nazrix [bat]: I didn't mean for him to lose a bunch of exp and I didn't mean to kill him he went LD
Aedos [bat]: well lets look at it this way its 7 mill i wouldn't of earned any time soon
Dryad [bat]: the only thing in nazrix's favor is that he claims innocence.. but 
he sure isn't going to much trouble to make amends.
Being (bat): grim, you only have if arches decide the insult was severe enough?
Tixe [bat]: I wonder how loud you're laughing in real life
Nazrix [bat]: REST ASSURED: I will make aedos his exp back so shut up now
Nazrix [bat]: ok?
Nazrix [bat]: I will make him 100k/day for a few days
Tixe [bat]: heh
Dryad [bat]: thank you, I'm happy with that  :)
Grimpold {bat}: no
Tixe [bat]: would be funnier if you got him the exp back in 1 lump and then killed him again
{bat}: Grimpold nods at Tixe the christmas elf.

[04:21]:Zard (bat): exp tax
[04:21]:Mazzon [bat]: Why? If you spoke the truth earlier, and aedos did say 
'bring it, anytime', I'd say it's cruel but fair
[04:22]:Grimpold {bat}: yep
[04:22]:Grimpold {bat}: one has to take responsibility of his actions and 
suffer the consiquences
[04:22]:Tixe [bat]: I dont like Nazrix with a conscience
[04:22]:Kimahri [bat]: I have my own experiences about when I have got pk's 
for having too loud mouth, and it's fair to kill someone if he begs for pk.
[04:23]:Desos [bat]: Still you can pick the time.
[04:23]:Grimpold {bat}: best time to kill is when one gets hurt most
[04:23]:Desos [bat]: I feel that  considering the level and the moment.
[04:23]:Grimpold {bat}: so timing was just perfect
[04:23]:Dryad [bat]: he should have done it then, an admitted HOUR before 
the exp lottery.. not wait until the guy has 8m on to tap
Radium [bat]: i have whooped some ass and had mine whooped... :)
Info: Matricre enters the game.
Nazrix [bat]: No

Desos [bat]: I disagree, but then I tend to take a more 'old fashion honourable' 
stance on feuds. Compare mercs to knights or such.
Nazrix [bat]: Dryad you are uneducated in the ways of pkilling
Nazrix [bat]: I was busy irl
Grimpold {bat}: so dryad, if one is healer and he gets insulted... he should 
kill the guy when he is in reinc that can actually kill people?:)
Nazrix [bat]: I don't have time to kill someone for insult within x amount of time 
if they idle in church so. buuh? and if I told qurp to fuck off and I was in 
exp lottery, I would not idle in room with qurp
Radium [bat]: hmm... i keep a pkill list... as a crimson i can't pkill very effectively...
Dryad [bat]: nods, I'm an honest person.  I don't look to hurt people 
in the worst possible ways, I look for a fairly even-handed justice.
Radium [bat]: ...but when i reinc to psinav a few people will have their brains fried :P
Being (bat): the healer should wait for the moment the pkilled-to-be has 
aura of hate and lots of exp on! :P
{bat}: Grimpold goes 'Yay!'.
Nazrix [bat]: Well I just wanted to scare aedos I thought it was safe exp and 
I left when he was uncon, there are witnesses, if he didn't go ld he would be alive
Tixe [bat]: so then its doubly his fault
Dryad [bat]: eye for eye, hand for hand.. not your nutsack in exchange for my broken fingernail  :)
Aedos [bat]: i actually typed ld before he attacked me
Nazrix [bat]: So he suffers penalty for insult + going ld + everytime someone 
mentions this I will take longer to make him his exp
Linzhou [bat]: so how many judges do we have for this 1.6mil lost omg.
Linzhou [bat]: everyone pitch in and get him the exp back!
Tixe [bat]: no way
Nazrix [bat]: How about he stops telling people to suck cock and then he won't die
Tixe [bat]: I think nazrix is a fine judge
Tixe [bat]: good point
[bat]: Kimahri Agrees with Tixe the christmas elf fully.
Nazrix [bat]: Ok since you are all whining STILL, I will get him nothing back, 
then you are happy?
Dryad [bat]: I'm done arguing.. I think it sounds fair that thematrix made a mistake 
(he thought the guy's exp is safe), and he's gonna help make it back.  That's cool with me.
Nazrix [bat]: How can you people be satisfied!
Grimpold {bat}: using caps might get you killed
[bat]: Kimahri laughs out loud.
Mazzon [bat]: Hmm, getting capped for caps?
Being (bat): and STFU is an insult!
Nazrix [bat]: it's not like aedos/me are enemies we ar emore friends and we were messing around 
and he died with exp on, it wasn't meant to be that way, and why it's your business 
Dryad and others who can know.
(bat): Zard munches on some popcorn
You tell Aedos 'sorry for getting involved.'
You tell Nazrix (*Sarah M. Gellar*) 'sorry for getting involved.'
Nazrix tells you 'me and aedos are on cell phones, what's your number you can join us'
Aedos tells you 'you did nothing'
Nazrix tells you 'since this is so important to you and you want to "ruin my game" b/c 
of how I made a mistake with my friend man'
Aedos tells you 'and i rather only loose 1.6m then all 7'
Radium [bat]: pkilling is kinda entertaining...
Tixe [bat]: if its not that big a deal then why not stop talking about it 5 mins ago?
Kimahri [bat]: especially when you talk it in BAT-channel
Zard (bat): i feel the credits are about to roll, good show
(bat): Zard munches on some popcorn
[bat]: Blacksmith asks Zard to pass some to me too
Jacen [bat]: everyone knows well the kind of attitude nazrix has/had in this game, 
history tends to repeat itself:)
[bat]: Radium goes 'Heh' at Jacen.
Being (bat): it's our business all right.. anything entertaining is!

You tell Nazrix (*Sarah M. Gellar*) and Aedos 'I've apologized.  You both know I've 
always been a big newbie helper, and it looked to me like it was some very nasty 
anti-newbie behavior.  I was meaning to be helpful.  Again, I'm very sorry.'
Nazrix [bat]: jesus , the fucking guy I killed with 7m exp is defending me 
and you won't shut up

And the denouement.. everyone is friends again, and the world is peachy.

Aedos tells Nazrix and you 'i wouldn't of made that much for myself in a year 
none the less 30 min of a lottery'
You tell Aedos 'nods, it looked to me like you were complaining about it.. 
I must have misinterpreted all of that.'
Aedos tells you 'i was just angry at first'

... 15 minutes later ...

Nazrix tells you 'so you don't have some problem with me right? we are settled?
me and aedos are fine and all is good?'
You tell Nazrix (*Sarah M. Gellar*) 'yup, everythings hunky-dory,it's a love fest  :)'
Nazrix howls 'I dedicate my victory over swine jacen to my new amazon bsuit.'
You tell Nazrix (*Sarah M. Gellar*) 'you guys are happy, and I've got a funny log  :p'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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