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BatMUD Logs

Googling "Batmud is" .....

batmud is as tough as batman
batmud is a text
batmud is a textbased multiuser game with a fantasy theme that runs on the internet
batmud is fun
batmud is game what everybody can play over internet
batmud is an online adventure game that has been growing steadily in both popularity 
       and complexity for more than a decade
batmud is boring
batmud is an older version from the fall of 1993 which was started to celebrate 
       batmud's 8th anniversary
batmud is perhaps best lpmud in the world
batmud is great online game
batmud is a multiuser online role playing game
batmud is played by hundreds and hundreds of friendly players who can and will help you
batmud is in save
batmud is xian and i have gathered some statistics about my mudcharacter which might 
       interest other mudders
batmud is shaolin
batmud is the channel system
batmud is the greatest mud on earth
batmud is a dear hobby of mine
batmud is a telnet
batmud is a mud that can be reached by telneting to batmud
batmud is back up again
batmud is the representative of separate branch of multi user dungeons than dark chambers
batmud is mplayed daily
batmud is exactly easy to kill
batmud is a dynamic place
batmud is sparhawk overkill
batmud is one of the older lpmuds
batmud is very addictive
batmud is one of the oldest
batmud is one of the largest mud's
batmud is and you are already playing or are planning to create a character
batmud is a game of joy
batmud is one of the oldest lpmud
batmud is one of the
batmud is now wizard

Googling "Anipa is" .....

anipa is
anipa is an indigenous organisation which concentrates on the violations of human rights in mexico 
anipa is involved in a 25 year project which has reinstated traditional medicine
anipa is the god of the game
anipa is happy
anipa is my friend

Googling "Gore is" .....

gore is our president
gore is love
gore is back
gore is right to fight
gore is rated a silver title
gore is a chump
gore is speaker
gore is an 'analog' guy
gore is only part of the debate
gore is wrong
gore is betting government can sustain the good
gore is my president petition
gore is my president
gore is a weasel
gore is ready to 'rejoin the national debate
gore is no friend of homosexuals
gore is looking for facts in all the wrong places
gore is only 630 votes away from winning the
gore is impermanent
gore is assaulting our good sense
gore is finished
gore is going to miss
gore is in the building
gore is right
gore is not wearing wedding ring
gore is best for our future future
gore is one of abilene area's
gore is on a natural roll
gore is a chump has moved
gore is a woman
gore is not moses"
gore is dangerous
gore is smiling
gore is guilty fun
gore is a technology solutions provider with over $1b in sales
gore is still dead" redux
gore is michael kyle on my wife and kids
gore is the lesser evil
gore is good
gore is leading us to war?
gore is a vote for
gore is braindead
gore is mindless
gore is slumloard to disabled family
gore is a vote against freedom of speech
gore is watching out for us
gore is anti
gore is thanked for aiding ill toddler
gore is a retard
gore is establishing 2000
gore is pandering away the presidency
gore is ahead of bush?
gore is love spending the budget surplus
gore is clinton?s dangerous legacy
gore is the pro
gore is losing it?s the last train to dukakisville
gore is worse the hypocrisy of campaign finance reform
gore is an anthrax hoax russ oates
gore is told drugs policy denied vote to 2m blacks special report
gore is right to fight in the us
gore is my name
gore is the first product of 4d rulers
gore is an 'analog' guy reuters
gore is only part of the debate in democracy in america
gore is bulletproof
gore is betting government can sustain the good times
gore is open to a review
gore is open to a review source
gore is ready to 'rejoin the national debate'
gore is elected
gore is only 630 votes away from winning the election
gore is a vote for bush
gore is assaulting our good sense mike gallagher nov
gore is finished mike gallagher monday
gore is funny
gore is a vote for bullshit
gore is going to miss you
gore is in the building new york
gore is back trying to prove he?s the smartest kid in the class
gore is danged if he do
gore is white house contact for y2k
gore is most practical
gore is a fractal fan
gore is a woman?
gore is not moses
gore is dangerous posted by
gore is guilty fun this latest computer
gore is a technology solutions provider with over $1b in sales and 6
gore is still dead" redux
gore is running
gore is convention highlight
gore is leading us to war? yowusa
gore is a vote for yummy yummy candies by kerry douglas dye
gore is the evil of two lessers
gore is president
gore is rich
gore is nixon but bush ain?t kennedy and that itching
gore is thanked for aiding ill toddler boy 
gore is a loser
gore is to blame for post
gore is establishing 2000 presidential campaign committee
gore is bending the truth again
gore is rather trite
gore is god
gore is a pecker neck

Googling "TheMatrix is" .....

thematrix is such that convergence is assured
thematrix is the first nonzero entry in row 2
thematrix is not very useful in producing a load
thematrix is full
thematrix is derived
thematrix is the thing
thematrix is used columnwise
thematrix is computed independent of the image
thematrix is symmetric about the diagonal
thematrix is a column
thematrix is close to singular
thematrix is diagonal
thematrix is a square matrix and thediag is the diagonal of the matrix
thematrix is back
thematrix is restricted to rank r
thematrix is symmetric by definition
thematrix is symmetric but non
thematrix is put into a1 if the ith entry of x is 1
thematrix is divided into 16 equally large submatrices
thematrix is required
thematrix is real
thematrix is given by the tripartition into left context
thematrix is equal to the number of states in the hmm
thematrix is now
thematrix is not of full rank then the matrix is called "singular"
thematrix is known at run
thematrix is now block
thematrix is expanded to a
thematrix is used for more intricate algorithms
thematrix is not kept in memory
thematrix is organized into
thematrix is passed to the pooclapack ooc cholesky factorization as an array of n views
thematrix is of order
thematrix is too huge to even fit in computer memory
thematrix is coded as an array of
thematrix is stored
thematrix is normal
thematrix is shown
thematrix is changed
thematrix is singular
thematrix is ranked 132 and has played for 2h22m in 30 days
thematrix is now known as neo
thematrix is reconstructed too
thematrix is ranked number 100 and has played for 22m in 365 days real name
thematrix is not square
thematrix is eliminated and can prove to be advantageous for memory
thematrix is cool
thematrix is similar to the one derived in assignment 2 of this course
thematrix is more synced then star trek generations
thematrix is hcjrlqvuq
thematrix is now known

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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