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BatMUD Logs

Caitline crosses a wiz:

Caitline Lapiomurhaja is a level 45 mortal of the KORSO-AVENGER race.
He was created before 1997 and he is 273d, 1h, 21min and 44s old.
He has been on for 2h, 48min and 27s, idle 47s.
He is a KORSORATOR, leader of the KORSO-AVENGER race currently.
He has killed: a young bear cub, 4441 exp
               Hirebrand Davinor is feverishly atte.., 74533 exp (party of 6)
This player has a blog - last modified 38d, 18h, 27min and 35s ago. 
>new log,fun to play with
Last 20 messages from wanted channel:

[17:01]:Caitline the KORSORATOR, leader of the KORSO-AVENGER race [wanted]: party
[17:01]:Croesus [wanted]: hoho
[17:01]:Diego [wanted]:   fear
[17:01]:Superlaama [wanted]: eheh e:)
[17:01]:Xarath [wanted]: :)
[17:01]:[wanted]: Stargazer goes 'MUAH'.
[17:01]:Westchester [wanted]: that's not nice
[17:01]:Conqueror [wanted]: haha

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