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BatMUD Logs

Drifter, the Friendly Autolooter and Dryad, the Too-trusting Money-exchanger

There are no light sources here, but you can still see.
A newly built player city bank.
There is a teller here to handle your transactions and a small
sign on the counter describing the available commands.
Obvious exits are: w and s.

use exchange money at gold;withdraw 400000;drop gold
You start concentrating on the skill.
The teller gives you the money, and takes a service fee of 50 gold.
You drop 400000 gold coins.

You are prepared to do the skill.
You manage to exchange the gold to 36399 platinum.

Drifter arrives from south.
Drifter takes a small hill of platinum coins.
Drifter leaves west.
Drifter arrives from west.
Drifter takes a small hill of platinum coins.
Drifter's disc floats in.
Drifter leaves south.
Drifter's disc floats after him.
You 'hmmmm' for a moment.
Info: Drifter left the game.
You tell Drifter (offline) 'bring back my cash'

Drifter Retfird is a level 91 mortal of the Duck race.
He was created Wed Mar 25 12:37:45 1998 and he is 1y, 146d, 15h, 15min and 31s old.
He was last on Sun Nov 27 05:52:28 2005 (6s ago) (laters).
He forwards mail to another account.
He has killed: Jane, the Goddess, 1267286 exp (party of 9)
Web page: Nedra tells you 'Mut mult saat satasella'
This player has a blog - last modified 37d, 5h and 51min ago. 
>"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd
>all be running around in darkened rooms, muching magic pills and listening to
>repetitive electronic music."
>- Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc, 1989

You tell Drifter (offline) 'hey, you accidently picked up 36399 of my platinum.  
From RSF... and logged off like 2 seconds later.  I'd like my cash back please.'

(less the 10622 he apparently missed.. it was still on the ground.. 
so 25777 plat (257k) taken)

Some time passes ... like 10 hours...

(18:24) Drifter tells you 'oops, I had autopickup on there' (Sun Nov 27 14:50:23 2005)
(18:25) Drifter tells you 'oh, nog it was my autoloot trig, I didn't even notice 
i had any platinum =)'
(18:25) Drifter tells you 'but no worries, i have all of that left in my room 
at ravensflyte'
(18:26) Drifter tells you 'nog, ill come as soon as we finish this one mob'
(18:26) @Drifter nods twice rapidly in agreement to you.

Drifter's disc floats in.
Drifter gives you 25751 platinum coins.
Drifter smiles happily.

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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