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BatMUD Logs

Funny, creepy log from a Dungeons & Dragons Online "fanboi".
(My rl husband, a BatMUD old-timer is a developer for DDO.)
Log is from October, 2005.

(20:26) Firedance tells you 'hey'

(20:27) Firedance tells you 'are ya bussy?'

(20:28) Firedance tells you 'i wanted to asssk ya about DDO....'

(20:28) Firedance tells you 'isss your husband ssstill working on the project?'

(20:28) Firedance tells you 'you got to play the alpha yet?'

(20:29) Firedance tells you 'hehe...i signed up for alpha/beta... 
anyway your hubby could have any input on whether i get beta tesssting 
...without him getting in trouble'

(20:30) Firedance tells you 'i can't help but assk..because i've been 
waiting for thiss freaking game forever..hehe....'

(20:30) Firedance tells you 'but if it would causse any problemsss 
then dont worry bout it...it isss after all jusst a game...'

(20:30) Firedance tells you 'well...if you remember....and there issss 
any possssssibility ...ill send ya sssome cassh :)'

(20:31) Firedance tells you 'Aaron Beyl, Tripalhelix@hotmail.com Phone# 225-270-5809'

(20:31) Firedance tells you 'asss a "christmass gift" of courssse :)'

(20:31) @Firedance winks at you.

(20:32) Firedance tells you 'and if not greenbackss.... 
a late wedding presssent 
...new comforter/bed ssset....something for the houssse...'

(20:32) Firedance tells you 'and nope..i dont work for any 
gaming company i jusst love DnD :)'

(20:33) Firedance tells you 'i've beta tested for 2 other gamess....
DAoC and WoW....and my machine iss top of the line..'

(20:33) Firedance tells you 'itss pretty random if you meet the req'ss'

(20:33) Firedance tells you 'but a friend of mine worked on the WoW project 
and got me in beta there..'

(20:33) Firedance tells you 'in return, my uncle fly'sss for Delta airlinessss and i got 
them ticketssss to Hawaii for their honeymoon'

(20:34) Firedance tells you 'well..you have to apply...it seemss like the ssame 
processssss ass WoW....apply and wait and have to have certain sssystem req'ss..'

(20:35) Firedance tells you 'yep....im jussst ssaying if there issss anyway your hubby can...
without caussing any friction at hisss job.... :)'

(20:35) Firedance tells you 'i would really appreciate it :)'

(20:36) Firedance tells you 'and would kill any two people of your choossing for it...
j/k :)..hehehhehe'

(20:36) Firedance tells you 'it lookssss like a really good game...they finally took time 
to make a game the right way :)'

(And no... don't ask about DDO, there's no info or freebies to be had!)

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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