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BatMUD Logs

From a fellow BatMudder, lucky to be alive:

In an regular e-mail message sent to me, out of the blue:

Mon 12/12/2005 6:01 PM
Subject:  sorry

hey its Overlord, i was soposed to payback a very large loan and i feel like a real ass, 
my house got leveled by a tornado and a brick got blown through my computer, havnt goten 
re-situated yet but hope to very soon.  I will get you your money as soon as i get my 
compy up and going, i cant log on from here its all blocked by firewall so i have no 
access to mud atm.  so finally i just need to say i am very sorry

- overlord


My gosh, you don't need to apologize!  I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you.  
Is everyone OK?
Don't worry about the loan.  Pay it when you're able to, and I'll give you back 
the late fee (since it's automatically added on to the payback amount by the bank).  
You've gotten slapped around enough IRL, don't even think about mud stuff.  
Hope things start going better for you irl!!
- Leslie (Dryad)


ya everyones okay and i got some kickass video footage of it, but recovery 
has been kinda hard, i had to move so its just been really odd past month


BTW, his rl e-mail address is [bandaid.flavored.jellybean@gmail.com], in case 
anyone wants to give him a hand somehow.


And another month goes by....
January 13, 2006

Overlord Brantis is a level 43 mortal of the Human race.
He was created Thu Feb 20 01:52:48 2003 and he is 103d, 18h, 6min and 11s old.
He was last on Sun Oct 23 12:10:26 2005 (82d, 18h, 11min and 38s ago).
He forwards mail to another account.
Phone: 1800-darkpact+
>Kawasa {sales}: legendary dagger of stinging mb5m
>Ringo [sales]: stats?
>Ignore [sales]: +legendary it must be
>Ringo [newbie]: what does legendary give?

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