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BatMUD Logs

Random old log from Gurb (via Noctur).

Finger-info from 2006:

finger phantros
Phantros was an ancient wizard, now forgotten.

finger phan
Phan Ravensflyte is a level 20 mortal of the Skeleton race.
He was created Thu Dec 14 01:46:59 2000 and he is 119d, 2h, 42min and 4s old.
He was last on Fri Dec 05 01:33:00 2003 (2y, 113d, 20h, 59min and 36s ago).
He has killed: A large brown tortoise, 8461 exp (party of 3)
>Shardik : Phantros joined Bards' Guild on Thu Apr 13 13:04:34 1995
>Happiness is like a cold...we all get it, but it soon passes, no
>permanent effects.

finger stainedsoul
No such player (Stainedsoul).

Log from 2003, captured by Gurb:

Phan tells you 'do you know who I am?'
nope phan
You emote to Phan 'shakes his head and says 'Nope' to you.'

Glaurung [bat]: i sense echo...
Phan [bat]: holy newbie spam...it's called an echo folks 8-0
[bat]: Nuane says 'Oh', with a blank look on his face.
Nuane [bat]: giggle.
Maceo [bat]: i reply to all echoes
Ikira [bat]: me too
Roark [bat]: sorry
Brock [bat]: i sense and force_event
[bat]: Armand opps
Maceo [bat]: it is a chance to make stupid jokes to random folks
Bahumat [bat]: hmm easy to detect wiz tell echos but not newbie tell echos

Cyberman : Damn Phan, you got lots of tells there.
Puhuri [bat]: Some nasty wiz is now harrashing phan ,-)
Phan [bat]: yeah that has to be some kind of record 8-P
Ikira [bat]: Okay, enough fun... who _IS_ phan?
Gideon [bat]: the allmighty phantros
Father [bat]: must have a similar name or something - sure I remember him :-)
[bat]: Phan winks at Gideon.
Maceo [bat]: the line cook at my undergrad college grill was a vietnamese 
woman named Phan... is that you?

Cyberman : Let's pick a winner now Phan, lets discuss the most original 
response and I will award a TP there.
Phan [bat]: wait let me scroll back I saw a good one
Cyberman : Of course tells from now on doesn't count.
Silea [bat]: no phan, you do 'rep emoteto cyberman' and then just copy-paste 
the whole log to him...

Cyberman : OK, we have a winner.
Cyberman : Bad for the winner I will have to remove him as soon as 
I give him the TP.
Ikira [bat]: Durand won!
Cyberman : Actually no.
Cyberman : Stainedsoul tells you 'daughter on now, dad went to the 
bathroom be back soon'
Cyberman : hihkhkhkhih
Ikira [bat]: multiball! :)

Cyberman : Nice dad leaves daughter in charge of the screen while 
he goes to take a leak. :)
Maceo [bat]: keep that exp rate up
Cyberman : hehe
Habib [bat]: heh
Silea [bat]: bucket next to the computer chair works better
Phan [bat]: ok people you can stop giving me tells now 8-P I assume it was 
something to do with me asking if you know who I am (george bush)
Ikira [bat]: Instructions: Okay, watch the screen. If you see multicoloured 
demons or a parallel warp, SCREAM.
Maceo [bat]: heh

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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