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BatMUD Logs

Here's another EMB log of me talking to a Genuinely Nice Guy.

Displaying last tells to you.
(05:49) Firefox tells you 'thanks, me to'
(05:50) Zalcon tells you 'I mean personally'
(05:50) Zalcon tells you 'oops'
(05:51) @Erwain says 'Oh', with a blank look on his face.
(05:54) Zalcon tells you 'do ou have someone to drag you around to get safe exp unloaded?'
(05:57) Cannedheat tells you 'herb jars are sold at the alch guild, aren't they? 
I don't see them listed'
(06:25) @Badaxe eyes you suspiciously.
(06:50) Resin tells Pagar, Jacen, Brillo, Battler, Aruthra, Gunk, Garou and you 'laterZzz....'
(06:51) Thatguy tells you 'what happened'
(09:30) @Sitan blinks and goes Woah! at you.

Zalcon Zyphysti is a level 48 mortal of the Catfolk race.
It was created Mon Nov 03 05:55:30 1997 and it is 39d, 11h, 13min and 9s old.
It has been on for 11h, 2min and 46s, not idle.
It has killed: The Queen Spider, the Matriarch of t.., 25711 exp
               Khantan the cult leader, 74360 exp (party of 4)
>22 Sabre -- 11 Civmage.

You tell Zalcon 'hey.. thanks for asking about exp.. no, I don't have anyone dragging me, but 
I'm planning to mip it'

Zalcon tells you 'Ok.  That sounds like a more expedient plan, given your ample monetary resources'
You emote to Zalcon 'shrugs at you.'

finger cannedheat
Cannedheat Is is a level 50 mortal of the Human race.
He was created Fri May 12 05:20:43 2000 and he is 188d, 18h, 52min and 49s old.
He was last on Thu Jul 28 08:43:17 2005 (1h and 5min ago).
He has killed: a grave robber hiding here, waiting .., 6700 exp
Web page: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/g/e/gerrit/gerrit.html
Phone: Setting myself up to succeed at potion research
>eat slice
>You smile happily.
>EWWW!! That piece must've been rotten!
>You feel funny.
>You giggle inanely.
Hp:200/200 Sp:194/194 Ep:162/162 >

Zalcon tells you 'Cannedheat holds you in deitific status, btw.'
tell cannedheat sorry, missed your tell before.  Herb jars are at the druid guild, I think
Can not tell: Cannedheat (No such player)
Hp:200/200 Sp:194/194 Ep:162/162 >
Zalcon tells you 'if deitific is a word...'
Raven Guard shouts 'Nathanielw died on her knees!'
Info: Nathanielw dies.

You tell Zalcon 'wow enough with the big-words-to-impress thing please'
Hp:200/200 Sp:194/194 Ep:162/162 >
Zalcon tells you 'um'
Zalcon tells you 'what?'
You tell Zalcon 'Zalcon tells you 'Cannedheat holds you in deitific status, btw.''
Zalcon tells you 'I don't even know if it is a word, but it describes what he says.'
Zalcon tells you 'if you can't take a complement, just don't say anything... :P'

You tell Zalcon 'try for a simpler way of saying things :p  it comes across better'
Zalcon tells you 'No.'
Zalcon tells you 'I will say it as my mind best expresses'
You tell Zalcon 'you come across as a smarty-pants.. but if you want, I can use my thesarus 
to say it in a way you understand better'
Zalcon tells you 'To ask me to conform to what you perceive as 'smarty pants' is just 
as arrogant, if you think about it.'
You tell Zalcon 'ok, fair enough.. let's just leave it that we find each other arrogant 
and go separate ways'

Zalcon tells you 'that's unfortunate, because I find tolerance the best sort of compromise, 
but if you prefer it that way, then so be it.'
You tell Zalcon 'I'll tolerate you from a distance. :)'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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