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BatMUD Logs

Spica tries to sell an illumium 'light box' on sales, January of 2006.

[17:50]:Spica [sales]: A big shiny box for storing minerals (20/20), full of 
illumium, inquire

Spica Shine is a level 47 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created before 1997 and he is 25y, 307d, 14h, 55min and 2s old.
He has been on for 5h, 19min and 52s, not idle (*SMOKE, BRB!*).
He forwards mail to another account.
He has killed: a GIGANTIC scorpion is here, 77021 exp (party of 4)
Web page: 100777.COM [Truth Seeker] #MERLib: merlib.org (efnet) Wilhart0@Skype
This player has a blog - last modified 12d, 6h, 27min and 47s ago. 
>matkalla läpi universumin laitamien uhmaten draakkenin pahoja voimia läpi
>tummien vesien ja sumuisten soitten

You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'inquiring  :)   know the amount of illumium?  
and how much you want?'

[yes, I'm thinking he has big chunks of illumium, maybe a few hundred kg]

list illumium
                     The Material Exchange of BatMUD
| Material           Kg           Quality            Refined   Price    |
| Illumium           103          divine             Yes       1000     |
| Illumium           14           divine             Yes       1200     |
| Illumium           7            inferior           No        500      |
| Illumium           18           divine             Yes       1100     |
| Illumium           24           divine             Yes       700      |

Spica tells you 'wanna buy the box too?'
You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'sure'
Spica tells you 'what does 20 box cost?'
You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'can always use extra storage..'
Spica tells you '70k?'
You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'I'll go look'

Spica tells you 'and illi 20pices'
You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'oh, are those like .1 kg pieces?'
Spica tells you 'yes'
Spica tells you '.1kg'

You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'ahh, I was thinking it was a box of 
useable illumium :p'

You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'as in usable for rings or something :)'

Spica tells you 'nataaks fast meta enemmänku duckin tavallinen fastmeta?'
Spica tells you 'ah:)'
Spica tells you 'so not buying?'

You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'nods, unless the box itself is a great price. 
Brand new ones are 56k in shop.'

Spica tells you 'howabout 90k for whole crap'
You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'heh, that's 56k for the used box and 34k for the 
illumium that's worth far less than 1k? :)  nah, I"ll pass'

You tell Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'if you put it at 30k, I'll probably buy'

Spica tells you 'hmm! 700k ?'
Spica tells you 'hmm! 70k ?'

You emote to Spica (*SMOKE, BRB!*) 'chuckles politely at you.'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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