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BatMUD Logs

Tarken drops a floating disc at Damogran:

Tarken [sales]: silvery amazon helmet +5 ma
Tarken [sales]: mb 35k

A newly built material exchange.
This is the busy Material Exchange, where ores of nearly any type are
bought and sold for varying prices. Traders of all ages are running
in every which direction, trying to get the best deals. A plaque
on one wall has some trading instructions on it.
Obvious exits are: e, n and u.
a small shiny box for storing minerals  (5/10)
Tarken's floating disc
a small, dark crystal shaped like a star
A blacksmith's forge labeled as forge[bolted]  
A jeweler's workbench labeled as gems[bolted]  
A carpenter's workbench labeled as woods[bolted]  

Being tells you 'what's the sacvalue on them nowadays?'
You tell Being 'not sure'

You tell Being 'shall i go find out'
Being tells you 'please'
You tell Being 'i also have boots as well'

I run to Damogran

You are in the famous Newbie Help Warehouse.
There are a lot of people looking for good weapons and armours
from the warehouse. Usually the shelves are almost full of more
or less used battle equipment. If you are lucky enough you might
get something too. Remember to behave like a human being would.
There is a poster on the wall.
Type: 'nhelp' to see what you can do here.
Obvious exit is: south.
a trashcan
a magical floating food basket (empty)
Saint Damogran who is responsible for this warehouse
Damogran bows gracefully to you.

You are carrying 13.9 kg of equipment:
103 coins (103 gold) [Cash: 103.00  Bank: 150253.00  Total: 150356.00]
silvery amazon boots 
silvery amazon helmet 

Tarken's disc floats in.

You tell Being 'how do i check that again?'

You are carrying 13.9 kg of equipment:
103 coins (103 gold) [Cash: 103.00  Bank: 150253.00  Total: 150356.00]
silvery amazon boots 
silvery amazon helmet 

Being tells you 'have the items with you, go to damogran, type 'inv''
Damogran evaluates your items for you:
Value   Item.
 146000 Silvery amazon boots 
 194000 Silvery amazon helmet 
 45     An iron hand-axe 
 418    Elven boots 
 1      A baggy sepia cap 
 1      An ordinary black long scarf 
 1      A common beige slippers 
 --     A fine leather belt 
 8510   An adamantium pick 
 --     The crystal pendant of the Navigators
 --     A black, gilded abacus on a mithril chain
 454000 A purple neck dickey 

Your floating disc suddenly disappears.
Tarken's floating disc suddenly disappears.
All that was in it drop to the ground.

Damogran takes an adamantium pick .
Damogran takes some old stuff from storeroom and tosses it to trashcan.
Damogran puts an adamantium pick  to storeroom.
Damogran takes a small shiny box for storing minerals labeled as 
ToAnt  (10/10).
Damogran tosses a small shiny box for storing minerals labeled as 
ToAnt  (10/10) into trashcan.
Damogran takes a blacksmith's hammer .
Damogran tosses a blacksmith's hammer  into trashcan.

Tarken [sales]: silvery amazon helmet, boots Prots&fw 146k sac on boot 194k on
 helmet 50k each

After an arch got on:

You tell Shardik 'eeh...could i bother you with something really crummy that
 happened to me?'
You tell Shardik 'i went to damogran to get a sac value estimate on some items
 i was selling and i forgot i had my disc with me and my disc dissipated and i
 lost 2 ada picks and 2 full mat boxes....im really sad :('
You tell Shardik (idle 6min and 31s) 'i have a log too if that helps...'

A little later: I pressed the idle man....

You tell Shardik (idle 18min and 26s) 'i dont think you can do anything...
ill just go buy new stuff...shit happens'
Shardik tells you 'sorry boss alert.. but yes, we have a no restores policy
You emote to Shardik 'nods his head at you, yeah, ok.'
You tell Shardik 'i understand'
You tell Shardik 'i should be more careful next time'
Shardik tells you 'admirable attitude'
You emote to Shardik 'thanks you heartily.'
You tell Shardik (busy) 'i wanna be a wiz one day :)'

You receive 3 task points for completing '(Classified)' task.

Shardik awards Tarken 3 points for completing '(Classified)' task.

Brownie Post Master tells you 'You have incoming mail!' 
Brownie arrives panting heavily. After a short rest she gives you a scroll.
Brownie Post Master tells you 'You have received some mail.' 
You emote to Shardik (workka workka) 'hugs you.'

"Making the Outerworld Smaller TM"

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