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Bog Imps

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 9 w, 20 sw, 28 w, 3 sw

Coder: Mehtar

General Descrip:

Difficulty:Newbie to lowbie solo area

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

* = aggressive
p = poisons

Bog imp catching fish         1-3k   head of the bog imp
Bog imp hunting bird            5k   head of the bog imp
Bog rat                         1k   none
Chief of Bog Imps              60s   large bone club (1h)
Frogman                        32k   crude spear (1h)
Frogman warrior                45k   curved sword (1h)
Frogman shaman                 40k   runestick (1h)
Giant frog                     17k   none
Giant lizard                   15k   none
Giant toad                     17k   none
Hideous swamp monster          30s
Large bog imp             *    16k   head of the bog imp
Large frogman                  36k   curved knife (1h)
Red frog                  p    16k   none
Vampire bat 
Wandering Will o'Wisp          13k   

Area Map

           BbbbB              KEY:
	  BBBBBBs             ============
	?BBBBBssss            B - the bog
	BBBBssssssF           b - the bog
	rrrssssssss           F - dark forest
	fffrrrssssss          s - wet swamp
	ffffffrrrrrr          r - slowly flowing river
	                      f - dead forest
			      ? - thicket (look at thicket, enter)

       /   \
      o     o     o
      |      \     \
  o   o       o     o
   \   \       \   /
    o   o       o-o
    |  /           \
    o-o             o
   /                |
  o   o       o-o   o
  |    \      |     |\     /   /
  o	o-o-o-o     o-o   o-o-o-o
   \   /      |    /   \ /      |
    o-o       o   o     o       o
	      |      \     /   /|
	      o      -o   o-o-o-o
	      |        \ /
	    o-E         o

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