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Corn Soldiers

"Sandman" by Metallica

Area Info

Dirs from CS:

Coder: Hair

General Descrip: Rows upon rows of corn.
All monsies in this area are aggressive.

Difficulty: Mid to high (or tough low parties)

Area Size: 500 rooms or so

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Small corn soldier
Exp: 763k to 1.05M
Eq: none

Monsie: Medium sized corn soldier (casts cold ray)
Exp: about 800k (dgraded recently)

Monsie: Huge alien tentacle
Exp: 1.2M, 1.38M

Monsie: Massive corn soldier (casts area, does kungfu)
Exp: 2.1M

Monsie: Scarecrow
Info: Resists all but cold damage.
Dirs: Enter the area, enter cornfields, follow path e, as soon as it's possible to go s, go 1s, 1w, 9s.
Exp: 3.29M
Battered Straw Hat, Faded Green Bandana, Old Work Gloves, Rusty Sickle (2h)

Area Map

 Area Notes:  3 corn types:  small, medium, massive.  Smalls and
 mediums appear randomly in the "c" squares.  The I squares are 
 always a safe haven.  Massives appear close to the center of the 
 area, in the H and K squares.  Alien tentacles are in the "M" 
 squares.  The very center square, marked with a * on this map, 
 is where the Scarecrow is.  Unless you're hot stuff, if you visit 
 his square it'll be party-wipe time.

        c = rows of corn
        I = sprinkler
	d = dust wasteland
        C = giant corn stalks
        W = wellhouse
        R = rain forest of corn


Area entrance/exit is in the top-center of area.

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