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Eod's Area

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 10w, 9sw, 20w, forest, n

Coder: Eod

General Descrip:
Nice area containing a few small monsies and lots of big ones, great for partying in. Lots of good eq items. Starwind area is here.

Difficulty: Newbie to mid

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Man pondering on the hill
Exp: 461k (casts pb and areas)
Eq: Necklace of the Moon (AC2, +20 spr, +3 int)

Monsie: A white robed man is here speaking to the crowd
Exp: 1.37M
Eq: The longtooth dagger (1h)

Monsie: Nymph
Exp: 14k
Eq: none

Monsie: Town guard
Exp: 18k
Eq: Long sword (1h), Guard's belt

Monsie: Grandpa Thistledown
Exp: 14k
Eq: none

Monsie: Merchant
Exp: 21k
Eq: none

Monsie: Pixie
Exp: 5k
Eq: none

Monsie: Morin Granitefist
Exp: 1.8M
Eq: Morin's Axe

Monsie: Kelshi
Exp: ~2M
Eq: Battlesuit of Rage (+10 str/con, -5 wis, -4 dex)

Monsie: Kid picking nose
Exp: 2k
Eq: Small wooden sword (1h)

Area Map:
                                           KEY:  D = exit is down
				                 U = exit is up
			       		         C = exit to cave (Cave is Starwind)
                             o                   E = exit is "enter"
                             |                   K =  Kelshi
                           U-o-o       E-o-K
                             |         |
                             |         | |
                          D  o--o
                          |  |  |
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