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                   1. [100]Orcs
                   2. [100]Arena fight
                   3. [150]Blood bath
                   4. [ 95]Baker on strike
                   5. [105]Stealing bard
                   6. [150]Demon Invasion
                   7. [105]White zombie
                   8. [ 92]Pigeon shit
                   9. [150]Tiamat
                  10. [120]Dark Gods
                  11. [115]Zombie fog
                  12. [110]Bank robbers
                  13. [160]Execution
                  14. [107]The Island of Valour
                  15. [ 95]Balloon race
                  16. [100]Thunderdome
                  17. [105]Grimoan the Gremlin Master & lefthanded Gremlins
                  18. [100]Scavenger Hunt
                  19. [115]Witch
                  20. [120]Healers
                  21. [103]Adventuring Parrot
                  22. [115]Amazon invasion
                  23. [120]Rebirth of Shrije
                  24. [125]Explotto



Probably the best event. Certainly the most begged-for.

Anyone can enter the event by typing "sign up" at the Arena, 3w, s, d from CS. A five-minute sign-up period is allowed after the event is announced. If you've entered the event, you're automatically joined to the arena channel.

Fights start five minutes after the event is announced. When in the room with the Arena Master, type fights to see the current schedule of fights. If your name is on the left column of the fight table, enter the arena through the left door. If on the right column, use the right door. Once your fight has been announced on the arena channel, you have one minute to start the fight. If you take too long to start, you forfeit the fight.

Winning any fight earns you 100k experience. Losing a fight earns you 50k experience. The last person alive wins the event.

Use the duellists command to see your arena ranking. Your score goes up for each win, down for each loss. Beating a higher level player greatly increases your arena score; similarly, losing to a lower level player greatly reduces your arena score.

Clown of Happiness

A clown appears to cs, and by tapping him the players can get a balloon. (Note that if you tap the clown BEFORE he shouts that you can do it, he will banish you) Players must race to the top of the world. The player first on the top wins... this is not necessarily the first player to get the balloon 'cause it can pop during flight. (You will fall harmlessy to the ground) The winner gets 100k exp.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

Magic Portal

Thanks to some very cruel wiz, a twisting portal drops in to CS. This nifty little piece of wiz-coded sadism spits out nasties that wander town. All events monsies are aggressive. They include: Event is won when someone kills the twisting portal at CS. Portal is worth about 3M. Winner of the event gets the Tome of Black Hell from portal's corpse.

Rob Zombie

In this event, Rob Zombie (worth 2M?) appears wondering in town, and the nurse will give a fighter cloak of hell to whoever kills him... This is apparently the only way to get a fighter cloak of hell.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

Pigeon Poop

During this shitty(!) event players have a limited time to collect pigeon poop from the town and throw other players with them. The player with the most hits wins the event and generally gets something nice... i guess...

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

Chaos Demons

This one is a killer... Aggressive demons invade the city and a big aggressive Chaos Demon appears to cs... So don't wander there by accident... Enter town at your own risk.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

Dragon Event

Same as the Chaos Demon event (Dragons take over the city), but the monsters aren't aggressive.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.


Elpa: Evil healer, leeches sps and hps, ~450k xp.
Uses nasty special attack, runs as you're fighting.
Give head to Aluar after you kill, he gives ~30-40k gold reward. :)
However Aluar holds healing ceremonies at CS, so it's kinda kewl to have him around..*shrug*
Find Elpa using Where.

Info contributed by Rhyph

Gremlin Invasion
Another let's-invade-Zombie-City-and-kill-poor-newbies event. A sign at CS keeps track of how many gremlins each player has killed. Several gremlin avengers attack the person with the most gremlin kills. The winner of the event gets practically nothing (someone tell me what). Most monsies carry small daggers worth 400 gold. EXP info is:

Cannibal Zombies

Another invade the city and kill/leech poor newbies, yet highbies can be killed easily as well here.

Zombies invade city and stand around, not too hard to kill em but if they bite you you lose hps fast and eventually die (disease). You float away as ghost while a zombie take your place. Zombies can be bad motha's so watch out. I'd suggest just going ld or quiting while this event is up, unless you fancy dying in a cool way!

Exp for zombies:
cannibal zombies ??? (small, 1 hit/rd, but drain and bite)
others ???

Info contributed by Trash.

The Hunt

Brona appears to cs. Players can now sign up for 'the hunt'. In the hunt, you are supposed to find items within a time limit. (Some are RIDICULOUSLY hard to find). The first player to find the items wins the event and apparently gets some prize from Brona.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

Witch Doctor

A witch doctor appears to cs. The witch doctor sells potions that have random effects for 3,5k.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.


A food-selling salesman appears to cs, and the baker ceases to sell food. The baker will not start selling food until the salesman is DEAD, R.I.P. The baker will also pay a ransom to whoever kills the salesman. (NOTE: You can get food from 19 e, 2 n, field, and e. If you cannot buy food from the city.)

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.


Another of these kill-all-poor-and-defenseless-newbies-events, in this one wandering monsters (Nasty Crocodile, aggressive, hits 3 times) invade Zombie City. Players will no doubt have quite a few hilarious moments trying to clean up the town.

Info contributed by Sothoth & SledSlayer.

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