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Giants Valley

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 10 n, 20 nw, 5 nw, 2 n, valley

Coder: Zandramas

General Descrip:

Difficulty: low to mid (smallest monsie is 54k)

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Strong looking giant recruit
Exp: 54k
Eq: Ugly Giant boots (smelling), Thick wooden shield

Monsie: Muscular giant recruit
Exp: 96k
Eq: Giants breastplate

Monsie: Blue wearing giant warrior
Exp: ~200k
Eq: Battlemail of the Giant Army, A shimmering Halberd (2h), Giant leather pants

Monsie: Strong looking outer valley Giant
Eq: Giants breastplate

Monsie: A hairy, strong looking elite Giant warrior
Eq: A Lochaber (2h), A huge giant sword (2h)

Monsie: Giant with orange colored weapons, aggr

Area Map

                        o-*-o                   KEY:
                       /|  /                    U = room exit is up
                      o-o-o                     C = entrance to cave
                           \                    * = aggr giant
                            o o-o
                           /|/ /
                          o-o C
              U-o-U         o-o-o
	      |X|/           /   \
	      o-o         o-o
               \|         |
	        o         o       o~o-o-o
	         \       /       / \|X|/
                  o     o   o-o-o   o-o
                   \   /    |X|X|
                    o-o     o-o-o
                    | |\   /

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