Helpful Necro Hints

Helpful hints have been contributed by a variety of folks. If a hint seems not-so-helpful, of if you have hints to contribute, send me mail. -- Dryad

Wandar's take on Franks

First: you better not consider becoming a frank-necro unless you got less say, a min. of about 450M+. and thats the min. the skills you'll need cost lots, and you better get the reasonably high.

You need LOTSA corpses, depending on your skills, maybe up to 1000kg you need to make 6 big corpses, which will form the body parts after you use prepare corpse on them. note: the torso chunk should be biggest, over 200kg I'd say.

After you've used prepare corpses on all the corpses (making them lighter btw). you need to use specify part on each one, making 2 legs,head 2 arms and a torso. oh, and dont forget to enchant the corpses before preparing them btw ;).

and...then. hmm, the buggy part (as far as I know it hasnt been fixed) when using "specify part" at the chunks of meat, you cannot specify as to which part to use it to. (eg. part 1, part 2 etc..). so you always use it to part 1. and the readied limbs (eg. left leg) are also aliased to "part"s, so you'll have lotsa trouble there unless you're strong enuff to lift the corpses etc... hope you got it, try it and you'll see.

Then you just need some 120kg corpses to "glue" the limbs together.

a "rumor" goes they get better the tougher monsies they tank, someone could clarify this maybe, I havent kya-checked this, but I have to admit, that's how it seemed. franks can take lotsa more hits than golems, even hit harder, but you CANT enchant them with unholy str/pwr. there is a known bug, after the creation of the frank, when you for the first time walk around with it, be careful, it will drop it's leg(s). so you gotta glue em again. even later on the frank will keep dropping its leg in fights, but rather rarely. at least my frank never dropped its hands or head :]

mm..and yes. the frank cant "die". when it goes to 0 hp it just goes back to pieces, meaning you have to glue the parts again and cast reanimate frankensteni again, after which it is aD, If i recall right.

hmm, oh, yeh. be careful, at least I dont know of a way to move the torso around, so It'll stay in where it got kicked. hm..

and dont give too good wpns to your frank...or items or so, it tends to throw em around ;)

franks are nice but need damn lotsa work or someone with a little knowledge on things (heh, this is why I quit necros ;) ) to get em good.

prepare to spend a boot (if you're lucky) or few (if not) making one. you better get a bard enchant your skills before using em etc...