Helpful Samurai Hints

Helpful hints have been contributed by a variety of folks. If a hint seems not-so-helpful, of if you have hints to contribute, send me mail. -- Dryad

Cobalt's Advice on Sam Eq

hmm... this is my version of possible best setup for samurai:

Zi'taq cloak, Desteros, Rose clasp, Lucifer shirt, scarecrow fighter gloves, ring of mage, platinum ring, staff of ancient elf, leather belt of lucifer, damned leggings of lucifer, (NEW) dskin boots

An alternate to that, for those with no lucifer eq:

bloody red crown, silver amulet, sea blue necklace, grey cloak, shining gauntlets or scarecrow gloves, bracers of wrath, dskin armour or elven chainmail(new), ring of mage, black mithril ring, 5th circle battle belt, staff of ancient elf, dskin leggings,dskin boots

Damogran's Shuriken Trig Set

;;      Shuriken counter/thrower (C) Damogran v.1.1
;;      Output as echo, here an example:
;;Shuriken Thrown:3133 Hit:2963 (95%) Miss:170 (5%) Broken:570 (19%)
;;      command aliases needed:
;;      command tgt alias tt
;;      alias shu shuriken
;;      alias bum bumerang
;;      Altairs xst Circle Battlebelt _required_
;;      And dont whine about pref shurikens to me, I dont have them so
;;      I dont know how to handle them specially.
;;belt=boolean for shuris in belt,shum=missed,shub=broken,tot=total,hits=hits
/set belt=1
/set shum=0
/set shub=0
/set tot=0
/set hits=0

;;counter and autothrower
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*you throw a shuriken*but miss.' = /maasta%;\
/set shum=$[shum+1]%;/set tot=$[tot+1]
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*you throw a shuriken*!' = /set tot=$[tot+1]%;\
/set hits=$[hits+1]%;/if (belt=='0') /maasta%;/else /vyosta%;/endif
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*the shuriken breaks on impact.' = /set shub=$[shub+1]
;; use '/rep' to call statistics to you
/def rep = /echo Shuriken Thrown:%tot Hit:%hits \
($[100-((tot-hits)*100/tot)]%%) Miss:%shum \
($[100-(100-((tot-hits)*100/tot))]%%) Broken:%shub \
;; comfortance triggers for automatic shuriken/bumerang maker
/def -p1 -mregexp -t'You make a shuriken.' = !use make shuriken
/def -p1 -mregexp -t'You make a bumerang.' = !use make bumerang
;;'shu pigeon' throws a shuriken at pigeon, bum throws a bumerang
/hook SEND tgt = !tgt %*%;/set tt=%*%
/hook SEND shu = /set belt=1%;/tgt %*%;!bunload shu%;!shu %*
/hook SEND bum = /set belt=1%;/tgt %*%;!bunload bum%;!bum %*
;; check for shurikens in belt and throw from appropiate place 
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*you*have any shuriken in the belt.' =
/set belt=0%;/maasta
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*you throw a bumerang*' = !bload bum%;/vyosta

;; /maasta throws a shuriken from ground, /vyosta from belt
/def maasta = !get shu%;!shu tt
/def vyosta = !bunload shu%;!shu tt

;; if target is not samurai, load 20 shu and a bum into the belt
/def -p1 -mglob -t'*there is no*here.' = /if (tt!~'samurai') !20 bloa shu%;\
!bload bum%;/set belt=1%;/endif
;; and finally gags (these spam :)
/def -p1 -ag -mglob -t'*You load your battlebelt with*'
/def -p1 -ag -mglob -t'*you unload your belt and get*'
/def -p1 -ag -mglob -t'*the shuriken sucked*'