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Castle MegaDeath

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 11 n, 18 ne

Coder: Leper

General Descrip: Enter as a guest or in a party. Probably leave as a ghost.

Difficulty: mid+

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: ?
Exp: ?
Eq: Ball of Regen

Monsie: Carcuul
To kill: See info below
Exp: 3.3M

Area Map

   S secret door
   = locked door       o~
   ~ secret exit       |
		       | |

Killing Carcuul:

Info contributed by Sepe, email

umm Carcuul:

1st level:	*-1 	1:exit upwards: jump(to number 3)
		| |	2:exit to outer world (reloc room)
		2-3 	3: skeleton, blocks n and must be hw:ted

2nd level:    	*-3	1:exit up(to number 3)
	     	| |\	2:you need pull rope here to open gateway to carcuul
	      	1-* 2	3:exit down, and locked exit to se

3rd level:	1-2	1: exit up (to room 1)
		  |	2: you come this room from maze
		3-4	3: wxit down
			4: trap room, its always checked to every player
			  when they enter to this room, if they drop to maze

4th level: 	1-*	1:exit down (this is the room where knight waits)
		| |	2:exit to carcuul(up) [climb ladders after rope is 
		*-2       pulled]

you should place your party to room 3.3 and tell them to chainblast knight, 
then place healer or some1 other to leader and run to room, 4.1 and attack
to knight, then it start to move. You should wait at level 4 untill blasters
have killed carcuul and went to pull rope. then climb ladder and go to backstage
and tell party to go 1.2 room and reloc from there.

Carcuul: hits (mainly)physical,cold from vorpal (casts hc and pc randomly,half 
heal after bs). it has random resists. Karkhuul must be killed from 
nigs->death. Because it regens always to nigs when party wimpy out.
plan: kya it, tune damage, then put carcuul to bs (goes back to nigs). go out 
and regen 'till full. give int&wis&BU to blasters (maybe buy moonshines) 
and kill it.    
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