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Moria & Orcs

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 9w, 20sw, 20w, s, 4w, trail

Coder: Destin

General Descrip: Good newie exp area. Nice for newbie parties.

Difficulty: Newbie to low

Area Size: >100 rooms

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Balrog of Moria
Exp: 280k
Eq: Balrog Egg (works like a small grenade)

Monsie: Orc patrollers
Exp: 5k-10k
Eq: axes, maces, daggers. Leader has sword worth 2k in shop.

Monsie: Orc patroller Leader
Exp: 15k
Eq: Orcish battle sword (1h), worth 2k in shop.

Monsie: Orc Shaman
Exp: 17k
Eq: Orcish shamanic staff (2h) something like +2 int

Monsie: Orc mom, kids, dad
Exp: 1k - 3k
Eq: none

Monsie: Moria Orc Scout, Miners, Warriors
Exp: 15k - 17k
Eq: Swords, picks worth about 200 gold each

Monsie: Orc slaves
Exp: 7k
Eq: none

Monsie: Orc priests
Exp: 15k - 45k
Eq: clubs

Area Maps:

      Main Area:

			 |                   S = Orc Shaman
         	     o  o  o-o-o
	             |  |  |\|/|
		     |  |  |/|\|
		     o  o  o-o-o
			       o   <---- Entrance to area

	(map coming soon)

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