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General Infos

Player Rankings

Go up from adv-guild to get the rankings info.

Castle/Chest Info

Castles, chests, figs, etc. are available in the castle shop, located at the entrance to the player valley. From CS, go 10e, 3se, e, e to shop.

Use castle check to make sure your castle or rented room is saving properly. You can use this command even if you don't own the castle. Be sure to castle check anytime you rearrange figs or pick up chests.

To make sure your eq stays as safe as possible from crashes, type save often. In particular, when unchesting your eq, be sure to save immediately after you've unchested the eq and closed the chest. This way the last info the mud has is that your chest is closed and that all the eq is on your person. At the same time, check for crash recovery by typing recovery_test. If you aren't going to get recovery, chest your eq and save.

Golden Regen Rings

These sweet and ever-so-popular newbie items can be found for free, if you have the patience. No monsies to kill at all. Just follow these dirs from CS:

12 n, e, 17 ne, castle, n, turn handle, secret, se, try hard

Then just walk around the area until you find your ring. You have 15 minutes in which to search; if you can't find it by then you get booted from the area and have to start over.


Don't bother shouting "Regen Test" to burn your sp. Just use clear_sps.

Typing where within an area tells you all the players present in the area. Where monster, with monster being a specific monsie name, tells you whether (and where) those monsies are present in the current area.

The command builtin shows you Zombie's built-in set of abbreviated commands. Save space on your own commands list by using builtin commands when possible.

Anytime during the 25 minutes before reboot, you can tell armageddon for a free transport. Possible reloc targets are church, castle, rent, or cs. You can use this command repeatedly.

Level Costs

| 1        0| 2     1014| 3     1522| 4     2283| 5     3425| 6     5138|
| 7     7707| 8    11561| 9    17341|10    26012|11    39018|12    58527|
|13    77791|14    97791|15   131687|16   197530|17   296296|18   444444|
|19   666666|20  1000000|21  2100000|22  2200000|23  2300000|24  2400000|
|25  2500000|26  2600000|27  2700000|28  2800000|29  2900000|30  3000000|
|31  3100000|32  3200000|33  3300000|34  3400000|35  3500000|36  3600000|
|37  3700000|38  3800000|39  3900000|40  8000000|41  8200000|42  8400000|
|43  8600000|44  8800000|45  9000000|46  9200000|47  9400000|48  9600000|
|49  9800000|50 10000000|51 10200000|52 10400000|53 10600000|54 10800000|
|55 11000000|56 11200000|57 11400000|58 11600000|59 11800000|60 12000000|
|61 30000000|62 32000000|63 33000000|64 34000000|65 35000000|66 36000000|
|67 37000000|68 38000000|69 39000000|70 70000000|71 71000000|72 72000000|
|73 73000000|74 74000000|75 75000000|76 76000000|77 77000000|78 78000000|
|79 79000000|80 80000000|81 81000000|82 82000000|83 83000000|84 84000000|
|85 85000000|86 86000000|87 87000000|88 88000000|89 89000000|90 90000000|



1. +10exprate 2. +10skillmax 3. +10spellmax 4. +15allstats 5. +25hpmax 6. +25spmax 7. +33skillspeed 8. +33spellspeed 9. +5critical 10. +7allskills 11. +7allspells


1. +10critical 2. +15allskills 3. +15allspells 4. +20exprate 5. +20skillmax 6. +20spellmax 7. +30allstats 8. +3tosecondary 9. +50hpmax 10. +50spmax 11. +50stat:con 12. +50stat:dex 13. +50stat:int 14. +50stat:str 15. +50stat:wis 16. giant size

Fig Info

In the table below are the costs for buying and advancing figs. The first column is the fig level. Second column is the cost to train the fig at that level. Third column shows total cost for buying a fig and advancing it to that particular level.

This is just a very rough and basic guide to figs. Rumor has it that to be pretty much "safe", a castle must have 20 lvl 20 figs.

All figs have basically the same physical offense, no matter what level they are. Advancing levels buys more hp, so that your figs can survive in battle longer. Basic fig strategy is to have at least 2 rooms of figs, such that you can trap thieves in the second room with blocking aggressive figs.

Figs learn the prayer skill at level 6. Figs get power blast at lvl 20, psychic crush at lvl 25.

Buy figs at the castle shop. Once you've bought a fig, take it to your castle and type fig help to learn how to transform them. Figs allow you to set their short name, long name, blocking exits, aggressiveness, and friends. You advance fig level while in your castle, using the cash you're carrying. Transform figure turns your fig into a monster, transform monster turns it from a monster back into a fig. Once you've finished setting your fig up and have transformed it, be sure to castle rooms and castle check. Castle figstat will give you full info on all of your figs in the castle.

Level Cost for Level Total Cost
0 15000 15000
1 1000 16000
2 1333 17333
3 1777 19110
4 2369 21479
5 3158 24637
6 4210 28840
7 5613 34453
8 7484 41937
9 9978 51915
10 13304 65219
11 17738 82957
15 56058
16 74744
17 99658

Fun Stuff!

Heya :)

Promised I would send you the song so here it is, i'll include the guitar
chords (as I play the song) :)

E- mail: d94uhe@Borlange.DU.SE

       	   MUD Semetary
Dm		       F
Under the stairs of an old highschool
Dm		       F
Clicking keyboards - a TinyFugue school
Dm			    F
come out of the ground, not making a sound
Dm		    F
the smell of MUD is all around

C		       Dm
And the night when the link is good
C                           Dm              Bb
They need no sleep and they need no fuckin' food

Dm               F             C       Bb
I don't wanna be burried, in a MUD cemetary
Dm                 C            Bb     C        
I want to pray and live my life again

Follow your tank to the sacred place
After emptying your pizza plates
Hammers and axes, shining steel
Come on stupid fin and gimme a heal!

And the night when the exprate rules
Someone cries "Let's skip tomorrow's school!!"

I don't wanna be burried, in a MUD cemetary
I want to pray and live my life again

The moon is full, the screen is still
All of a sudden I feel a chill
Aka's standing in the corner with a knife
Grumbles 'bout killing Bill Gates wife

And the night when the mudders die
They just pray and have another try

I don't wanna be burried, in a MUD cemetary
I want to pray and live my life again

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