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"Leningrad" by Billy Joel

Area Info

Dirs from CS: 10s, w, 18s, enter mists


General Descrip:
Most of the bigger monsies suck exp, so you need at least a meg on to have a shot at them.

Difficulty: Newbie to mid

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Spectral Hag
Dirs: From the west bridge, go 3w, 3s, yard, hut
Exp: 2.6M
Eq: Dark silver diadem, Dark silver leggings, chime of opening

Monsie: Psionic Spirit
Exp: ~3M
Eq: Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

Monsie: Leonid
Exp: ~2M
Eq: Iron bar (2h), Hammer of the Blacksmith, other stuff

Monsie: Alexei, the innkeeper
Exp: 1.87M
Eq: Beserk Sword (1h)

Monsie: Andrei
Exp: 1.21M

Monsie: Kartov
Exp: 900K
Eq: Hat of the Burgomaster (AC1, +5 spr, +2 wis)

Monsie: Maruschka
Note: Typing "mists" in the room with Maruschka will tele you back to church
Exp: 1.2M
Eq: Golden Ring w/Blue Gem (AC2, +8 spr, +4 int, -5 str), Golden Bracelets

Monsie: Mist Ferryman (damage from weapon gives you disease)
Eq: Scythe of the Mist Ferryman

Monsie: Boneless
Exp: 38k

Monsie: Grinning Zombie
Exp: 80k

Monsie: Skeleton
Exp: 38k

Monsie: Petya
Eq: none

Monsie: Gypsy boy, girl, pony
Eq: none

Area Map

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