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Area Info

Dirs from CS: 10 s, 20 w, 20 w, 18 n

Coder: Om

General Descrip: Some eq here

Difficulty: Newbie to partied mid

Area Size:

Monsie Info:

Monsie: Citizen
Exp: 33k
Eq: Long sword (1h)

Monsie: Merchant hawking
Exp: 35k
Eq: Oaken shield, feather gloves (or other misc small gear)

Monsie: Squirrel
Exp: 2.5k
Eq: none

Monsie: Og (casts power blast or similar, no areas)
Exp: 429k
Eq: Og's Famous Club

Monsie: Small, frail bartender
Exp: 14k
Eq: none

Monsie: Umar
Exp: 17k
Eq: none

Monsie: A dark man
Exp: 35k
Eq: Black Cloak (+5 spr)

Monsie: Old Woman
Exp: 96k
Eq: Sceptre of Spells

Area Map

	     |   |
	     o   o
		 o   o-o-o
		 |   |
	         |   |
      		 o   o-o

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